Sunaked  Beach 2020    

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Formentera, Spain

The first question I get asked is "Where is that?". Happily I know and I'll tell you. It's 4 miles south of Ibiza. There, that wasn't too tricky! It is, in my view, the best naturist beach place. Why? Grab a coffee and I'll tell you.

This has been both the easiest and most difficult page to put together because...there is only one beach where naturism is not permitted! Not only that, many are walking distance from just about everywhere, the island is only 12 miles long. Getting to the  the island is simple enough, flight to Ibiza, bus for €4 or taxi €25 to the port, hop on a ferry and 30 minutes later you're there at the port of Salinas.  The beaches I went to are easy to get to - turn left at the port and follow the road! Or get a bus to Miljorn, the longest beach, on the south coast. It's a bit rocky in parts whereas the others are all sand.

"Sa Sequi" - not the real name of this beach, I don't know what is. But there's a tavern nearby.

It's one of the closest to Salinas.

Miljorn on the south coast

Llevant on the north end.