Sunaked  Beach 2020    

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For those that have never been to a naturist beach, there may be questions and I'll try to cover the main ones.        In no particular order;

1. "What is the beach like?

Well, that's exactly what this site tells you!

2. "What facilities can I expect?"   

Most, not all, are quite remote so expect to take the essentials at least; food & drink, towels, beach shoes, sunscreen, book, music, mosquito repellent might be a good idea if there's still water nearby. Stout shoes/boots are required to get to some though.  Weston Mouth, for example, is a   o n g   walk back up the hill, no facilities whatsoever. Whereas at Strete Gate there's a 96 space car park, café  and toilets close to the beach; post office and village shop in the Oh and a pub (which was closed when I went - just my luck!). What's not to love?

3. "What do people do on a nude beach?" 

Same as any other beach, just with the option to be naked. It's very rare that nudity is compulsory and when it is, it's a privately owned beach, a nude resort, for example.

4.  "Suppose I get aroused?" 

Nude beaches are still covered by law. Sexual behaviour is still an offence on a nude beach so think of tax returns, gas bill, gearbox failure, anything non-sexy! 

5.  "Can I swim there?"  

Tricky, it depends where. All beaches can have their hazards; rocks, jellyfish, weaver fish (don't step on one!). If you do it's jolly painful but apparently hot water on the sting breaks down the poison quickly, so beach shoes recommended. Check tide tables before going!

6.  "Isn't public nudity illegal in England?"

Not according to the Crown Prosecution Service or the College Of Policing, and they should know. Details on the "Blah" page. Sexual or offensive behaviour is though. 


"But Steven Gough, the naked rambler has been imprisoned for it!

No he hasn't, The law in Scotland is different; he was served with an ASBO (Anti-Social Behaviour Order) in Scotland which he breached - that's why he went to prison.