Sunaked  Beach 2020    

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Cotton tail - someone new to naturism with tan lines i.e. tanned torso, white bum!

FKK - The original formal naturist movement - " Freik√∂rperkultur " - Free Body Culture. You may notice "FKK" and an arrow chalked on a rock, post etc. directing you to a lesser known naturist beach.

Meerkat or Lurker -Someone who lurks in dunes and pops up to stare at other beach users. Just...why?  Usually middle-aged males. Also Gawper.

Smooth - A smooth naturist removes body hair, especially pubic.

Textile (noun) - a person who wears clothing when nakedness is reasonable, e.g. on naturist beach.

Textile (adjective) - a place (usually beach) were nudity is not  usually accepted.