Sunaked  Beach 2020    

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CYPRUS is situated in the Western Mediterranean, about 100 miles west of Syria. The locations below are in the Greek sector.

Officially there is no naturist beach anywhere so any nakedness may be furtive. I really can't recommend Cyprus as a naturist beach place when there are so many better options.  However with a little leg-work and discretion, I found the locations below.

1 Secret (or Sea) Coves  Right!  This is about 5 miles north of Paphos. There is a small car parking area at the cliff  top before you reach the coves. It's hard to see why it's sometimes called "secret" as there is a big residential development on the cliffs!  I went   on a sunny October day and I was the only person there. The cove is in picture two, tucked away in the bottom right.

2 Aphrodite's Rock.  From this attraction, walk right (sea on the left) and it's remote enough. As legend has it, if you swim around the rock, you will suddenly be ten years younger! You might feel ten years older though...

3 Cape Akamas. This is an exhausting, gruelling walk from Aphrodite's bath. Simply follow the track (sea on your right) for ever. The bath is about 18 miles north of Paphos. Not really worth it.

Secret (or  Sea) Cove

A tiny cove, tucked away. No facilities but still, a lovely spot. The first picture is from the beach, the second shows the cove at the bottom right. There is a parking area at the top of the rocks.

Akamas Bay. 

About 18 miles north of Paphos, this beach is a grueling walk from the popular attraction of Aphrodite's Bath. Walk down the track (sea on the right). When your legs ache, you feel exhausted and a cold drink is your only thought, you are about half way! Good luck!