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Red backed Shrike, East Lane, Bawdsey - Bill Baston.


Saturday 31st October 2009.

Benacre - Both Red-crested Pochard & Spot'shank present on the Broad + the Scaup remained on the pits.

Southwold - Short-eared Owl seen by the campsite just prior to 0900hrs.

Minsmere - The Great White Egret was again present on Is.mere early afternoon.

Great White Egret, Island Mere, Minsmere - Bill Baston.

Thorpeness - A RED-RUMPED SWALLOW was seen on the West side of the Caravan Park @ 1010hrs flying South towards the village, offshore single Great Northern Diver South + 6 Red-breasted Merg's & good numbers of Brent Geese.

Landguard - A Good number of thrushes present on site today, also noted were 2 Woodcock, Snipe, Chiffchaff, offshore good numbers of both Brent & Wigeon were moving South + 3 Velvet Scoter seen prior to 0730hrs.

Lakenheath - Great White Egret still on Hockwold Flash.

Friday 30th October 2009.

Benacre - Red-crested Pochard, Merlin, Peregrine, 2 Buzzard & Spot'shank were noted on the Broad, near-by single Scaup on the Pits & Tree Sparrow by Beach Farm.

Thorpeness - A RED-BREASTED GOOSE was seen offshore amongst Brent Geese late afternoon.

Thursday 29th October 2009.

Gunton - 2 Dartford Warblers present at the North end of Gunton Warren

Lowestoft - A RADDE'S WARBLER was found along South side of Arnolds Walk @ 0840hrs though proved to be generally elusive though the bird did show well between 1500 - 1510hrs. Park on Whapload Road & walk up to hill near lighthouse.

Minsmere - The Great White Egret continued to be seen on Island Mere + single Whooper & 2 Bewick's Swans present. Water Pipit noted from South hide & upto 4 Firecrest present by the Rhodedemdrum tunnel.

Bawdsey - 2 Firecrest along Ferry Road + single Firecrest at the picnic site.

Wednesday 28th October 2009.

Gunton - The Dartford Warbler was again present on Gunton Warren.

Benacre - 3 Tree Sparrows were seen just West of Beach Farm by the pill box @ 1525hrs.

Dunwich - 40 Twite still present 1km North of the Beach carpark = 2 Spot'shanks present on the shorepools.

Minsmere - Single Great White Egret present on Island Mere + ringtail Hen Harrier noted.

Havergate - Single Great White Egret South over Havergate Island RSPB + 3 Spoonbill North.

Bawdsey - Along the cliffs, Firecrest, 12 Redpoll + good nr of Thrushes noted, near-by 6+ Firecrest + good nr's of both Brambling & Redpoll were had at the picnic site.

Felixstowe - A fem/1w male Black Redstart was present near the Ferry Boat Inn + Ring Ouzel.

Lakenheath - 2 Great White Egrets still on Hockwold Washes.

Tuesday 27th October 2009.

Lowestoft - 2 Firecrest present in Belle Vue park + 1,200 Redwing in off.

Benacre - A juv Scaup was present on the pits.

Minsmere - Noww 2 Great White Egrets present on Island Mere + 2 Bewicks Swans & single Jack Snipe on South scrape & a Firecrest  by the South bely crossroads.

Bawdsey - 7 Firecrests at the picnic site, near-by Long-eared Owl c1 mile North of the quay along the cliffs & a Ring Ouzel by the manor.

Landguard - Offshore both Black-throated Diver & Arctic Tern noted.

Kesgrave - A Yellow-browed Warbler was seen along Bartum Lane in the hedgerow behind the childrens play area with the mixed tit flock this morning.

Lakenheath - The Great White Egret was again present at Lakenheath Fen RSPB.

Monday 26th October 2009.

Hopton - The first Pallas Warbler of the autumn was present amongst the tit flock along Warren Lane by Cliff cottages & along main path through Golfcourse + 2 Yellow-browed Warblers.

Benacre - 2 Dartford Warblers + Firecrest noted by the pits, near-by 9 Tree Sparrow present by Beach Farm.

Dunwich - 40 Twite 1km North of Dunwich beach carpark on Dingle Marsh @ 1345hrs.

North Warren - 20+ Redpoll by the Aldringahm Road carpark this morning.

Landguard - Common Redpoll trapped this morning + c500 Lesser Redpoll South aswell as good numbers of other finchs.

Trimley - Water Pipit & 2 Med Gulls noted at Loompit Lake.

Lakenheath - The Great White Egret is still present + Water Pipit & 15 Whooper Swan present.

Sunday 25th October 2009.

Corton - 2 Firecrest present in Corton woods + 3 Redpolls, near-by 2 Dartford Warblers on Gunton warren.

Kessingland - 2 Firecrest present by the sewage works this morning.

Minsmere - A Shorelark was present on East scrape this afternoon though rather mobile & elusive, single Snow Bunting on the beach & Firecrest in the sluice bushes.

Bawdsey - Single Firecrest along Ferry Road.

Felixstowe - The Shorelark & Snow Bunting were both again present on the ferry golfcourse today.

Shorelark & Snow Bunting, Felixstowe Ferry - Derek Marsh.

Saturday 24th October 2009.

Corton - Both Yellow-browed Warbler & Firecrest present along the old railtrack + 21 Brambling over.

Minsmere - The Great White Egret was again present on Island Mere aswell as the 2 Bewicks Swans + 2 Firecrests noted. Ringtail Hen Harrier seen this afternoon.

Landguard - 2 Firecrests noted by the customs house + Ring Ouzel seen on the 'icky' ridge.

Friday 23rd October 2009.

Corton - Single Yellow-browed Warbler, 3 Firecrest, Mealy Redpoll & 3 Crossbills over by Corton railtrack.

Minsmere - 3+ Firecrest present in the sluice bushes.

Thorpeness - The RADDE'S WARBLER was again seen adjacent to the Buckthorn tunnel between 0745-0900hrs.

Bawdsey - Single Yellow-browed Warbler along Ferry Road in hedge by the MOD @ 1100hrs + 3+ Firecrest & 2 Chiffchaffs. Clouded Yellow seen at The Cliffs.

Landguard - Yellow-browed Warbler seen briefly by the mining station at 1350hrs before flying out towards the point.

Stour Est - Black-throated Diver & Slavonian Grebe seen from Stutton Ness @ 1430hrs.

Thursday 22nd October 2009.

Corton - Both Yellow-browed Warbler & Firecrest were noted at the new sewage works, near-by both Firecrest & Woodcock present along Warren Lane.

Lowestoft - Singles of both Yellow-browed Warbler & Firecrest were seen within Kensington Gardens,

Minsmere - No sign today of the long-staying RED-FLANKED BLUETAIL, but the Great White Egret remain.

Thorpeness - A RADDE'S WARBLER was seen briefly but well this evening @ 1750hrs just West of the Buckthorn tunnel + 15 Pink-footed Geese North.

Bawdsey - 6+ Firecrest along Ferry Road + 2 further Firecrest seen along The Cliffs this morning.

Felixstowe - The Shorelark & Snow Bunting remain on the golfcourse at Old Felixstowe.

Lakenheath - The Great White Egret was again present at Lakenheath Fen RSPB.

Wednesday 21st October 2009.

Southwold - Firecrest present in bushes by the entrance to the camp site this morning.

Minsmere - The 1st winter RED-FLANKED BLUETAIL remains faithfull to the bushes just South of the sluice + Great White Egret & the 2 Bewicks Swans again viewable from Whin Hill.

Shingle Street - Short-eared Owl present along the coastal footpath to East Lane.

Bawdsey - Single Firecrests at both the picnic site & cliffs.

Felixstowe - The Shorelark was again present on the fairway at the ferry golfcourse between the two martello towers & near-by a single Firecrest was present at The Dip.

Tuesday 20th October 2009.

Minsmere - The RED-FLANKED BLUETAIL was once again present and showing well at times by the sluice bushes + Firecrest present, a further 2 Firecrest were present in the North bushes & both the Great White Egret & 2 Bewicks Swans remain.

RED-FLANKED BLUETAIL, Minsmere Sluice - Bill Baston.

Shingle Street - No sign today of the PIED WHEATEAR, though 12 Snow Buntings and a Merlin noted.

Felixstowe - The Shorelark continued to show well on the fairway between the 2 martello towers.

Shorelark, Felixstowe Ferry - Lee Woods.

Monday 19th October 2009.

Benacre - The female Red-crested Pochard was again noted on the Broad + 11 Spot'shanks, near-by a single Tree Sparrow was present at Beach fram.

Minsmere - The 1st winter RED-FLANKED BLUETAIL continues to show well at times just South of the sluice in the sluice bushes, also present on the reserve were the 2 Bewicks Swans & Great White Egret which were both viewable from Whin Hill.

Shingle Street - A 1st winter female PIED WHEATEAR was found @ 0815hrs just South of the martello tower and continued to show well all day favouring the chainlink fence area by the Southern most cottage. This individual consist's of only the 2nd county record with the only previous sighting being in 1994, where an immature bird was present at Fagbury 24-27th October which was trapped, offshore a single Sandwich Tern was noted.




1st win female PIED WHEATEAR, Shingle Street - James Kennerley, Bill Baston (top L - R), Brian Small, Lee Woods (middle L - R), Eddie Marsh & Pete Ransome (bottom L-R).

Sunday 18th October 2009.

Gunton - The Dartford Warbler was again seen on Gunton Warren.

Mutford - 3 Rough-legged Buzzards were seen together flying NW over Mutford @ 1130hrs.

Minsmere -
The 1st win RED-FLANKED BLUETAIL is still just South of the sluice bushes showing well on & off at times though generally elusive + 2 Bewicks Swans still on South scrape & Great White Egret again on Island Mere. A GLOSSY IBIS was present on South scrape from 1715hrs.

RED-FLANKED BLUETAIL, Minsmere Sluice - Bill Baston.

Bawdsey - 5+ Clouded Yellows seen along Bawdsey Cliffs this morning + 2 Firecrests by the picnic site.

Clouded Yellow, Bawdsey Cliffs - Derek Marsh.

- Single Red Kite & 3 Common Buzzards over Porters Wood viewed from Martlesham Creek late morning.

- The Shorelark remained on the ferry golfcourse all day showing well between the two martello towers.

, Felixstowe Ferry - Matthew Deans.

Saturday 17th October 2009.

Hopton - A Lapland Bunting with noted amongst Skylarks in the MOD stubble field mid morning.

- Single Little Auk North offshore @ 0752hrs.

Minsmere -
The 1st win RED-FLANKED BLUETAIL contined to show today at the Southern end of the sluice bushes although was generally elusive, also noted around the reserve was a Great White Egret from Is.mere that was showing well, 2 Bewicks Swan from South hide, Firecrest by the x-roads and offshore singletons of both Little Auk & Sooty Shearwater between 1540-1640hrs

Thorpeness - Short-eared Owl seen over the old caravan park @ 0805hrs.

Shingle Street
- A Great White Egret was seen SW of the martello tower late morning.

- 2+ Firecrest along Ferry Road + 3 Common Crossbills and  Brambling, several Redpolls & Fieldfare over + 2 Firecrest seen by the picnic site including a ringed individual.

- The Shorelark was again present on the ferry golfcourse on the fairway midway between the 2 martello towers mid afternoon.

, Felixstowe Ferry - Will Brame.

Friday 16th October 2009.

Benacre -  Red-crested Pochard (female) was present on the Broad.

Southwold - Long-tailed Skua south at 09.50, plus Arctic Skua south also Peregrine chasing Gannet north.

Minsmere - The RED-FLANKED BLUETAIL was still present today in sluice bushes but generally elusive, did show well around 17.00 at south end of bushes in open area.

Landguard - Turtle Dove, 2 House Martins in/off and 4 Arctic Skua's south all mid morning.

Lakenheath - Great White Egret on large pool near car park.

Thursday 15th October 2009.

Minsmere - RED-FLANKED BLUETAIL still sluice bushes but elusive.

Felixstowe Ferry - Shorelark, Snow Bunting and Wheatear on green between the Martella Towers.

Landguard - Shorelark on beach opposite Icky Ridge.

Wednesday 14th October 2009.

Hopton - A Great White Egret was seen over village at 17.15hrs

Gunton -  A Dartford Warbler was noted at the warren.

Minsmere - A 1st winter female RED-FLANKED BLUETAIL was discovered in the sluice bushes @ 1415hrs and remained till 18.20 at least.

Woodbridge - 16 Crossbill's noted North at 11.00hrs.

Felixstowe Ferry - Shorelark & Snow Bunting still today on first fairway south of last house.

Tuesday 13th Ocober 2009.

Corton - A Lapland Bunting was present in the MOD stubble field.

Southwold - Late news Firecrest in Churchyard in north west corner.

Minsmere - Firecrest West Hide and Yellow Wagtail over North Wall.

Bawdsey - 2+ Firecrest's and good numbers of Thrushes around Picnic Site Area. Late news Firecrest in Churchyard.

Felixstowe Ferry - Shorelark , Snow Bunting and Wheatear between the Martella Towers.

Grundisburgh -  Wheatear (inland record) near village hall on the Gull Road.

Monday 12th October 2009.

Benacre - A single Pale-bellied Brent Goose was noted North.

Southwold - Seawatching produced 3 Velvet Scoter, Black-throated Diver and 74 Little Gulls between 13.00-14.30; Sooty Shearwater and 59 Little Gulls between 15.10-16.10. 

Minsmere - Yellow-browed Warbler and Firecrest still Sluice Bushes. Great White Egret Island Mere viewed from Whin Hill, also Sandwich Tern offshore.

Bawdsey - 5 Firecrest's around picnic site, Ring Ouzel on playing field behind picnic site, 3 Firecrest's in the Churchyard.

Bawdsey East Lane - Manx Shearwater and 2 Arctic Skuas.

Sunday 11th October 2009.

Lowestoft - A Lapland Bunting & 4 Snow Buntings were present on Links Hill before flying off North.

Kessingland - Yellow-browed Warbler at Sewage Works mid-afternoon at least.

Southwold - Firecrest in Churchyard. Also unconfirmed report of a Velvet Scoter!

Warbleswick - Yellow-browed Warbler in sycamore near the Community Centre 15.30 to 16.00 at least.

Minsmere -  Report of Yellow-browed Wabler still today!

Old Felixstowe - Firecrest in copse opposite the Golf Club.

River Stour - Juv Gannet at 15.30 seen from Mistley over river.

Saturday 10th October 2009.

Lowestoft - Ring Ouzel Water Inn.

Kessingland - 5+ Firecrests Sewage Works, Manx Shearwater off shore, plus Short-eared Owl in/off.

Eastern Bavent's - 2 Wheatear's.

Southwold - 4 Ring Ouzel's Pit Stop Tennis Courts near Water Tower, 2 Firecrest's North Rd, plus 2 Firecrest's Constantine Hill & 2 Purple Sandpiper's just north of the Pier.

Westleton Heath - Ring Ouzel was noted on the heath.

Sizewell - A Red-breasted Fly was found by Dower House early morning and was still present still 18.05, Yellow-browed Warbler in front of Power Station late am & Black Redstart.

Thorpeness - 5+ Firecrest's was seen around the old caravan park. 

Bawdsey - 4 Clouded Yellow's.

Landguard - 4+ Firecrest's, Chiffchaff, 2 Blackcap's, 15+ Song Thrushes (Some Continental Race), 30+ Brambling North, 3 Ad & 1 2nd Winter Med Gull's, Juv Gannet flew over obs & up river & returned later same route and out to sea, 3+ Clouded Yellow's. Nearby 3+ Chiffchaff's Customs House.

Friday 9th October 2009.

Southwold - Sea-watching totals included; Leach's Petrel north at 09.05, 8 Sooty Shearwaters, 18 Bonxie's, 4 Arctic Skua'sPom Skua, 10 Arctic Terns, 20 Little Gulls, Black-throated Diver & Razorbill all North, 760 Brent's South, plus Short-eared Owl in/off and 7 Firecrest's around area.

Dunwich - Yellow-browed Warbler Mount Pleasant along track from Dunwich Road.

Minsmere - 2 Firecrests in Tamarisk just north of Sluice & Yellow-browed Warbler earlier.

Slaughden - Spoonbill south at 1.42.

East Lane - 14.30 to 16.00 Sooty Shearwater, 5 Arctic Skua's, 11 Gannet's all North, 55 Brent South.

Landguard - Leach's Petrel, Sooty Shearwater, Pom Skua North, plus Firecrest on site. 

Thursday 8th October 2009.

Minsmere - Great White Egret over visitor center this am, also 4 Eider North. A Yellow-browed Warbler in the Sluice Bushes this afternoon.

Wednesday 7th October 2009.

Southwold - A Crane species high over at 10.44, drifting south out to sea; plus 18 Arctic Terns off this location today.

Dunwich - 6 Arctic Terns in Sole Bay.

Brettenham - A Yellow-browed Warbler was seen in garden within the village at 12.15.


Yellow-browed Warbler, Brettenham - David & Maggie Carter.

Tuesday 6th October 2009.

Minsmere - Great Northern Diver on sea off the sluice, plus 3 Artic Skua's & single  Bonxie noted.

Thorpeness - 4 Chiffchaff's, Manx Shearwater close off shore, plus 2 Bonxie's.

Landguard - A GLOSSY IBIS was seen south over the Observatory just prior to 0800hrs then tracked Nth East out to sea, plus Pom Skua noted.

Monday 5th October 2009.

Minsmere - Sooty Shearwater's and 5 Bonxies North offshore.

Sunday 4th October 2009.

Pakefield - A GLOSSY IBIS was seen South @ 1042hrs, it had earlier been seen South off Hopton @ 1024hrs.

Southwold - The GLOSSY IBIS from Pakefield was tracked South over Southwold church and then landed on Town Marshes for a short while late morning.

Thorpeness - Single Little Auk North offshore.

Gedgrave - Red Kite seen over Gedgrave from Boyton @ 1300hrs.

Bawdsey - Single Firecrest & 5 Common Crossbills present was good viz mig this morning.

Stour Est - 1+ MARSH SANDPIPER rptd on the Stour Est at the high tide roost near the ICI factory.

Saturday 3rd October 2009.

Lowestoft - Sea-watching from Ness Point produced 36 Bonxies, 17 Arctic Skuas, 2 Pom Skuas, 3 Manxies, 1 Sooty Shearwater, Great Northern Diver & 400+ Gannets. 3 Snow Buntings were present on North beach.

Kessingland - A Balearic Sheawater was seen North close offshore @ 0930hrs (also seen of Ness Point) + 4 Manxies & single Black-throated Diver.
2 Purple Sands were present at sluice.

Southwold - Sea-watching from the shelter between 0930-1200hrs produced; 1 Pom Skua, 12 Bonxies, 4 Arctic Skuas, 2 Great Northern Diver & Puffin.

Slaughden - Little Auk North offshore @ 1640hrs + 3 Common Terns.

Freston - 3 Grey Partidges noted by the entrance to High Park lodge.

Friday 2nd October 2009.

Southwold - 2 Purple Sand present on sea defences North of the pier this morning. Offshore late afternoon 3 Bonxie, 3 Arctic Skua, 2 Great Northern Divers + good numbers of both Red-throated Diver & Gannets noted.

Westleton - A Red Kite was seen over Westleton shortly after 1300hrs and then seen soon afterwards at Middleton.

Thorpeness - 2 Arctic Skuas seen offshore + 12 Redwing in off.

Aldeburgh - A Short-eared Owl was seen to come in off @ 0715hrs then seen over Haven house marshes.

Snape - A Clouded Yellow was noted along the river wall at Snape Warren.

Boyton - Little Stint present on the flash early afternoon.

Bawdsey - The first Little Auk of the autumn was noted North off East Lane @ 1715hrs.

Thursday 1st October 2009.

Covehithe - The juvenile Pectoral Sandpiper was again present on Covehithe Broad @ 0930hrs though had dissapeared by late morning and still no sign late afternoon.

Southwold - Offshore a single Pom Skua was noted North @ 0845hrs, 28 Red-throated Divers South & 3 North + single Razorbill.

Minsmere - Red Kite South over the reserve @ 1400hrs + Great White Egret still on Is.mere

Thorpeness - Single Great Northern Diver North offshore this afternoon.

Trimley - 9 Willow Emerald Damselflies were noted at Loompit Lake.

Shotley - A Turtle Dove was seen today feeding on grain.

Wickham Market - Both Honey BuzzardRed Kite seen just South of Wickham Market from the A12 early afternoon.


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