Sue Jackson Childminder

Equal Opportunities

I will ensure that my practise will enable children to develop positive attitudes to differences of race, culture, language, gender and ability.


Each child will be treated as a individual and with equal concern and will be encouraged to treat others with respect.


If your child has any particular special requirements I will be happy to discuss them with you.


The activities and play equipment I will provide will be appropriate to your childs developmental needs.


We will spend time outside when possible and socialise with other children when there is opportunity.  When indoors a varied range of craft activities will be offered as well as relaxed times of sharing books and stories.  Toys and activities will be chosen to provide learning opportunities but above all to be fun!


Please do not bring toys from home that your child is not prepared to share with others unless it is a comfort item.


I am required by the registration office Ofsted to keep the following records:

1. A written agreement with you as a parent of the child in my care - I will fill in the contract with you so that we can discuss all of the details.

2. Records of minded child - Information about who to contact and how in the event of an emergency, and any special needs your child may have.

3. Accident/Incident and Medicine records - This includes permission to administer prescribed medicines and records of injuries your child may have sustained since they were last in my care.  I would be grateful if you could bring this information to my attention when you bring your child to me.

4. Attendance Records - I will record the times that your child arrives and leaves.


Your co-operation where possible to help me record all of the necessary information would be greatly appreciated.  Any information given will remain strictly confidential unless it relates to a child protection matter.


Your child will need to bring appropriate outdoor clothing and footwear for the weather.  A change of clothes in case of accidents would also be helpful - children can sometimes become upset if they have to wear unfamiliar clothes.


If you wish to provide a packed lunch or a dinner for your child I will ensure that it is stored appropriately until it is eaten, alternatively, I am happy to provide meals at an additional cost.


If your child is very young I would prefer you to provide bottles and/or baby food sufficient for the minded period.  Similarly if your child has special dietary needs it may be more practical for you to provide food and I will prepare it as required.


Drinks will be offered throughout the day along with a mid-morning snack.  Please do not send your child with sweets.

Behaviour Management

I will not use any form of physical punishment on children in my care.  Children will be encouraged to behave appropriately according to their age and stage of development.  I will discuss any inappropriate behavioural issues with parents at the earliest opportunity and would ask parents to appraise me any change of circumstance, which may affect their child's behaviour.