Setting New Trends


This site is dedicated to Style of Beautiful and

Glamorous Indian Popstar Neha Bhasin. About

style Neha says, “Style is something that is

personally perceived or done. It depends on how

well you carry yourself in a dignified manner,

your manner of talking, how you present yourself.

I like bright colours, short skirts. boots and hats.

"The first thing you notice about Neha's style

is that its fresh, its different and always classy.

 Whether its a party, an event,movie premiere or

her live show, she always comes up with

something thats unseen. She has the courage to

experiment with everything. Whether its with

Headgears, Shoes, Tops, Skirts, Jeans, Shirts, 

Ear rings, Colors, or Wrist Bands. Which makes

her style excitingShe is truly a Trendsetter!

A Style Icon!

 Like her tattoos, a Scorpion's on her left arm

and a  women's on her right calf. They always

 catch everyone's attention. The media never

misses either take a picture or mention them.



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