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Below is a list of TV series I'm looking for right now. If you or anyone you know has something on this list in any format (VHS/DVD/VCD/another file type/etc.), please email me and we'll work something out, even if you don't have the time or the ability to make copies. I'd be more than happy to borrow your original copy, transfer the contents with my own equipment, and send the original back to you along with whatever price or trade we've worked out.

Working from original VHS recordings (commercial releases or home recordings) is my most preferred option, as my equipment achieves the best quality from original recordings, not copies. It typically takes me no longer than a week to finish transferring one full EP speed tape before I return it. Rest assured I will not keep it any longer than necessary and I am very careful with any tape that I borrow, as I know it is precious to the owner.

Or, if you know of another source from which something on this list is available, I'd appreciate it if you just sent me a link or contact information. Thanks for looking.

Wanted List

Animated Series
Adventures of the Little Koala ("A Eucalyptus Rocket/Penguins Don't Fly" and "The Moon Goddess/The Flying Doctor")
Maya the Bee (additional episodes)
The Littl' Bits ("Storm Baby," "The Baby Bears," "Looking at the Stars," and episode 7, possibly called "Strawberries in the Snow" or "Winter Strawberries")
Pinwheel (additional footage)
Higher quality episodes of anything already in my collection

Live Action Series
Dumbo's Circus
Eureeka's Castle
Fred Penner's Place
Sharon Lois and Bram's Elephant Show
Welcome to Pooh Corner
Higher quality episodes of anything already in my collection

If you have something that is not on this list but you think I may be interested, feel free to ask because there's a good chance I forgot something.

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