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Welcome to The Stuff I Like Site! The World of David the Gnome on DVD with menus can be ordered here. The set includes special cases, cover art, and bonus material available at this web site ONLY. See the details below.

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Discs come with a case, custom cover art, and episode list insert!

The World of David the Gnome

Format: DVD (Includes case, cover art, insert)
Region Code: Region 0 / Region-Free (compatible worldwide)
Language: English
Number of Episodes: 26
Number of Discs: 4
Audio/Video Quality: 9.5 out of 10
   Screen Captures: One Two Three Four

Price (USD)
: $25

$5 within the United States
(via 2-3 day USPS Priority Mail with Delivery Confirmation)
$12 to Canada (via 7-21 day USPS First Class International)
$14 to most other international locations
(via 7-21 day USPS First Class International)
I will combine shipping costs for orders of multiple sets

Payment: PayPal (US buyers ONLY), Western Union money transfer, money order/cashier's check, cash

  Please read below before ordering for full details
  About the Show | About the DVDs | How to Order | Return Policy

About the Show

David is a kind and gentle forest gnome who lives with his wife, Lisa, and has served as a doctor for the creatures of the forest for over 300 years. Other gnomes can call David using telepathy when they need his help. Being only six inches tall, he relies on his friend Swift the fox to carry him anywhere he is needed. He must be wary of the trolls however, who love to make trouble for the forest's inhabitants. Trolls are one-hundred times bigger than gnomes, but luckily they are one-thousand times stupider. The most memorable thing about this show is the way gnomes rub their noses together to show affection for one another, and the way they say farewell: Slitzweitz!

The World of David the Gnome, based on the children's books The Gnomes and The Secret of the Gnomes, first aired in the U.S. from 1987-1996 on Nickelodeon and then from 1996-1998 on The Learning Channel. The twenty-six-episode series features Happy Days' Tom Bosley as the voice of David the gnome and is narrated by Christopher Plummer of The Sound of Music and The Insider. It is a wonderful series that both children and adults will enjoy.


Voice Cast:

David - Tom Bosley
Lisa - Jane Woods
Holler - A.J. Henderson
Swift - Vlasta Vrana
Susan - Barbara Pogemiller
King - Richard Dumont
Pit - Adrian Knight
Pat - Rob Roy
Pot - Marc Denis
Narrator - Christopher Plummer


A Cinar Films Production
in Association with
Miramax Films and
BRB International, S.A.

Title Song Written By
Javier Losada

Performed By
Normand Groulx

Lyrics By
Bob Jewett and
Jack Maeby 

Lyrics to the Theme Song:

Look around you
There are many thing to see
That some would say
Could never be
These things I know
It's true and I will tell you so
They are there to see
If you believe

Trolls and wizards and fairy kings
Birds that talk and fish that sing
And if your heart is true
Then you will find them, too
In every wish and dream and happy home
You will find the kingdom of the gnomes

About the DVDs

The World of David the Gnome is available in a complete set of four DVDs containing all twenty-six episodes from the TV series, plus bonus material available from this web site only. Each DVD has menus with sound for easy selection of episodes, which have been conveniently put into chronological order. It also includes a professional DVD case featuring quality custom cover art and an episode list insert.

This set comes on DVD-R, which will play on most DVD players as well as a computer with a DVD-ROM drive and appropriate DVD-viewing software. I use only genuine top quality DVD-R media from Verbatim, and occasionally Sony, for maximum quality and compatibility.

The quality is a nearly flawless nine and a half out of ten (see the screen captures One Two Three Four for examples). This is not the same VCD or DVD set that is frequently sold on auction sites; those sets have been copied and recopied so many times that many of the episodes are corrupt and will not even play (of course the sellers will not tell you that – I know from personal experience). However, my set was constructed from scratch by myself and is guaranteed error-free. It is also hugely superior in quality to any other set. If you are looking for the best and most highly regarded David the Gnome collection in existence, this is it. No more guesswork looking through questionable auction listings. My site is the first thing that pops up when you google "David the Gnome DVD" for a reason: my set is famous for unsurpassed quality since 2003. Take a look at the following examples:

Auction Sets

My Set

These are  screen captures from one of the original VCD sets I purchased on eBay. Some episodes contain frequent “glitches” as shown here, while others will not play at all. The DVD set that later appeared on auction sites is nothing more than that same VCD set transferred onto DVDs. The quality is identical, corrupt files and all. None of the sellers informed me of this. Buyer beware. As you can see, my version is free of glitches and has the correct coloration. You can watch David the Gnome just the way you remember it without having to worry about audio/video disturbances.

What the Set Includes:

Disc One
1 Good Medicine
2 Witch Way Out?
3 David to the Rescue
4 The Baby Troll
5 Little Houses for Little People
6 The Wedding That Almost Wasn't
7 To Grandfather's House We Go
Disc Two
8 The Ghost of Black Lake
9 The Kingdom of the Elves
10 The Magic Knife
11 Young Dr. Gnome
12 Happy Birthday to You
13 The Siberian Bear
14 Foxy Dilemma
Disc Three
15 Three wishes
16 Ivan the Terrible
17 Rabbits, Rabbits, Everywhere!
18 Any Milk Today?
19 The Shadowless Stone
20 Friends in Trouble
21 Airlift!
Disc Four
22 Big Bad Tom
23 Kangaroo Adventure
24 The Careless Cub
25 The Gift
26 The Mountains of Beyond

• Belle and Sebastian: Belle
Meets Sebastian
• Adventures of the Little Koala:
Laura Finds an Egg

How to Order

This entire collection of four discs is available for just $25 US dollars plus shipping & handling. Please read the instructions below.

Shipping Information:
Orders are shipped within 24 hours of receiving payment, excluding Sundays and US holidays.

United States Customers:
• Please add $5 for 2-3 day USPS Priority Mail shipping with Delivery Confirmation (tracking number).

International Customers:
• Canadian residents, please add $12 for 7-21 day USPS First Class International shipping.
• For most other international locations, please add $14 for 7-21 day USPS First Class International shipping. Please contact me to confirm whether I will be able ship to your location.

If you are ordering more than one set from me, I will happily combine your shipping costs. Check out the explanation on my FAQ page for more information.

I Accept the Following Types of Payment:
• PayPal payments and Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover credit/debit card payments through PayPal. US buyers ONLY. Please email me for instructions.
• Western Union money transfer (good alternative to PayPal for instant payments).
Money order/cashier's check in US dollars.
• Well-concealed cash in US dollars. Please send cash at your own risk, as the United States Postal Service and all other mail carriers I know of will not insure cash through the mail against loss or theft.

I do NOT accept: Personal checks, bank wire transfers, or other payment forms not listed above. I currently don't have the extra time in my schedule to accommodate the processing of additional payment forms; doing so would slow down the processing time of all orders. I apologize for any inconvenience.

I Take Orders Through Email. Click on "Place Order" to be taken to my contact page. If you decide to order or have any questions, I am always available to help. I check email throughout the day, so I will get back to you promptly with the necessary ordering information and answers to your questions.


Return Policy

All discs are checked to be in perfect working condition before they are shipped, but in the unlikely event that any disc is damaged during shipping or not functioning properly, you may return the faulty disc(s) and I will replace them for free. Due to the nature of these discs (in that they can be copied relatively easily) and the fact that the price you pay is for time and materials, I do not issue refunds, only replacements. This is why it is important to read and make sure you understand all the information I have provided about the product before ordering. Though it is unlikely you will have any issues with my discs as DVD-R is compatible with about 94% of all DVD players, please do a search on VideoHelp's web site to make sure your DVD player will be able to play DVD-R before you order.

If you do have any problems with the discs or need a replacement, I'm always available to help out and answer any questions you may have.

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