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About the Potter

Studio #5 is operated by Ms. Jean Rotter.  Jean is a semi-retired Connecticut certified art teacher and current vice president of the Swift Water Artists Cooperative in Willimantic. 

She began her professional work with clay at Wilmington College in 1967 continuing her studies in various studios in New York and Sweden through the early and mid 1970s.  Locally she has taken classes and workshops at: Wesleyan Potter's, Peep Toad Mill Studio, Dew Claw Pottery Studio, and Eastern CT State University. 

Jean graduated from Central CT University in 1992 with a 6th year degree in art, having passed the national teacher examination in that subject area.  She has taught classes in pottery at Manchester Community College, Norwich Technical High School, EastConn continuing education, Windham Area Arts Collaborative,  and from her studio "Studio #5" in Willimantic.

Each piece Jean creates is hand crafted, even similar pieces that are meant as part of a set are finished individually.  Her artistic preference is to use natural hand forming methods that reflect ancient, earth oriented traditions in pottery.  Jean's color scheme is also reflective of "earth tones" and natural coloration in respect for the medium of clay that comes directly from nature and is actually organic decomposed rock.

One can liken this to tags found on hand dyed items made in other countries that read: “Irregularities in fabrics and colorations can be expected and are a natural part of the character and individuality of each item.”

In this tradition no two pieces of Jean’s work are exactly alike, her clay thickness and glaze application will vary slightly in the actual hope that the character and individuality of the work are enhanced and that each item can stand alone artistically.


Ms Rotter is primarily a sculptress.  However, she has a love affair with all organic hand-building forms and techniques and sometime makes functional ware that she finds either earthy or pure in form.  If you have purchased a piece from her you can be assured of the following 4 things: 

The piece is: 

1)      Hand formed.

2)      Hand glazed

3)      It is safe to eat from

4)      It is safe to heat in the oven


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