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Support and Encouragement for those with Physical Disability, and those who support these individuals

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!!! Have a blessed day in Christ !!!


The smallest things can change the course of a life. As small as a smile. As brief as a handshake. A glance that says "I know you" from someone you have just only met...because we are all brothers and sisters in Christ. This is the power of connecting-across the barriers that separate us-one friend, one person at a time. Small but powerful, these are the gifts you take along in you christian journey, the gifts of love...our greatest commandment.  You never know when you will come across an angel unaware, you never know when you will come across Christ unaware. Our beacon of light should shine for all to see, for it is that that can prompt an extaordinary change in the lives of others who may need that boost of encouragement and inspiration to surrender to Christ. When we walk out of the our church buildings, we are entering a mission field., within our own communities. "Go therefore, and teach others, as Christ has taught us. Making disciples of all nations, everywhere."


Gods Blessings to you. My name is Tim, and I am a grateful believer in Jesus Christ; a Saviour who shed his blood for our sins, that all may be forgiven. 

The purpose of this site is to help provide encouragement and support for those who suffer from physical disability. Also to provide encouragement and support to those families, friends, and care-givers who are impacted by those suffering with physical disability.

In many societies today, people with physical disability are looked at as an "outcast"; and it is heart-breaking to see this kind of attitude. In reality, those who suffer from physical disability are like "angels" and have alot of unique and personal qualities that can help to make a difference in the world today.

When you open a refrigerator door, the light comes on. When you close it, the light goes off. Have you ever tried to open and close it and see if the light stays on when the door is closed? Kind of hard to do!


But here is a truth in that activity. The darkness doesn’t overcome the light. The light overcomes the darkness when you open the refrigerator door. In the same way, the one way, one truth one light; our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, overcomes darkness.


The light overcomes the darkness…..the truth and comfort that we are special, that we are important, that we can do things despite our weaknesses, despite the stereotypes that society may throw at us….that truth and comfort overcomes the darkness, and we can claim that truth today.


We are individuals who have an identity that may include creativeness, compassion for others, peacefulness, generosity, knowledge about different subjects. Yes, we may have a handicap, or weakness, but that doesn’t identify us….


The light, the brightness of who we are….it overcomes the darkness.

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Peace be with you!