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 7/18/08-Back from Middletown!
Thursday night's action in Middletown, NY was off the hook!  Mike Hawkins is officially the first person to beat Jimmy Creten in Bounty Hunter in the 2008 Monster Truck Challenge season as Hawkins & Equalizer takes the racing victory in Middletown!  Creten would get his revenge however with a freestyle victory beating Hawkins in Equalizer by one point!  Creten scored a perfect 30 with an amazing slap wheelie, while Hawkins earned a 29 with some sick cyclones!!  The call could have gone to either truck, Bounty Hunter got the nod by the judges however! 

This was my first time seeing a Monster Truck Challenge and it was the first time I took video of the whole show.  There are some pre-show pics that I took, but the rest was video.  All the low-down from the show will be on very soon!  I would like to once again thank Andrew Pellegrine, Robby Hught, Andy Slifko, & the whole Monster Truck Challenge team for making my trip down to the show one of the best experiences I have ever had!!!

7/17/08-West Lebanon "Shot of the Show" is up along with full gallery!
As the title says, the Shot of the Show from this week in West Lebanon, NY is up!  The new camera is really starting to grow on me as I'm getting more comfortable with it each time!  Want more?  Head on over to for the full gallery from this week!!  Work is not done however!  Today I go down to Middletown, NY for the Monster Truck Challenge event!  Coverage from that will be posted shortly after!!  Enjoy!

6/1/08-Syracuse "Shot of the Show" is up!!
Last night featured the annual USHRA Monster Jam event at the New York State Fairgrounds in Syracuse, NY with 6 of the best monster trucks in the nation including Grave Digger, Maximum Destruction, Taz, Batman, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle, & Viper!!  Tom Meents in Maximum Destruction would sweep the nights competitions, but personally I'd give the nod to Adam Anderson & Taz for the freestyle victory!

It was a test day for my new camera, and while I did not take too many pictures due to where we were allowed to watch the show, getting the RCs ready to run, & lighting, I still took pleanty while the sun was out!  Most from introductions,. the wheelie contest, and racing!  Go see what the best 3 shots were!!

5/18/08-Worcester Gallery up & the new camera has arrived!
Head on over to and check out the latest galleries posted including mine from the Worcester, MA Monster Jam back in Febuary featuring Destroyer, Thrasher, Pouncer, Predator, Team Suzuki, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle, El Toro Loco, and Grave Digger!!

Also my new camera has arrived and will get its maiden trial out in Syracuse, NY at the end of this month.  So far trucks scheduled to be there include Grave Digger, Maximum Destruction, Taz, Batman, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle, and Viper!!  It is a night show, and I don't have an external flash (haha), so qualifying should be the best chance at getting in some practice with this new camera!  Also check out my RCs if you attend the show!  We'll be there!! 

5/8/08-First Gallery from 2008 now online at!
I couldn't be anymore ecstatic right to announce that my first gallery from 2008 is now availiable for viewing at!!!  Over 30 pictures from the Hartford, CT Monster Jam are now up for viewing, and there are a few more galleries to be posted soon also!  So head on over to to see how Grave Digger, Monster Mutt, Predator, Pouncer, Thrasher, & Screamin' Demon tore up the XL Center in Hartford!!

Also for some side news, I'm upgrading cameras.  My last one broke on our family vacation last month unfortunately after shooting with it since 2006.  I'm ordering a new one soon and hopefully it'll serve me just as good as my last one!

4/12/08-Glens Falls Recap & Shot of the Show now up!
A great night of action in the Glens Falls Civic Center as the AMP Thunderslam came into town.  Trucks in attendance were: Bigfoot #10, Predator, Prowler, Viper, and Shockwave!  The show started off with the wheelie contest where Rodney Tweedy & Bigfoot won by crowd applause, but I would give the win to Lenny Kuilder in Prowler who had the best wheelie all night on his first hit.  Racing came down to Rodney Tweedy in Bigfoot vs Allen Pezo in Predator in the finals and Tweedy got more traction and soared to a racing win.  Freestyle was next on the agenda and it was all Allen Pezo in Predator who put on an awesome 2 minute showing.  Rodney Tweedy also put on a great 4-5 minute effort following Pezo's winning run.

The "Shot of the Show" page has been updated with this show's results.  See what the best shots were!  They were alot of good ones and it was a tough choice, but I believe the right decisions were made!  Go ahead and take a look!

4/1/08-Utica, NY Shot of the Show & Updated Schedule now up!
As the title says, I have put up the Utica, NY AMP Thunderslam's "Shot of the Show"  Go check it out on the Shot of the Show page to see the best 3 pictures!

Also check out the updated Schedule!

3/30/08-Website Declared "Completed" & Updates!
Today I am officially calling the "website completed"!!!  It has many features all browsers can enjoy!

 As for the updates in the heading, thats right!  A new "Shot of the Show" will be launched by Tuesday from the AMP Thunder Slam event in Utica, NY!  The show itself was enjoyable and featured 4 monster trucks including: Bigfoot, Viper, Storm Damage, and Killer Bee!  Bigfoot would end up sweeping the at the Friday event I attended.  All the trucks performed great however, putting on a good show for everyone in attendence!

 There is more though!  The schedule will be updated, as some shows have been dropped and some I cannot attend.  Also, the sample photos page will be redone as this websites image uploader greatly decreases the quality of the pictures listed.  I will redo it using imageshack, so look for that in the near future!

3/21/08-Sample Photos Up!
20 various pictures from the STP Monster Photos archive have been uploaded for viewing pleasure on the sample photos page!  Also, expect in the very near future to see some full STP Monster Photography galleries of Raleigh, Hartford, and Worcester on!

Also a new "Shot of the Show" contest will be up after next weeks Utica, NY AMP Live Events Thunderslam show at the Utica Memorial Auditorium.  Tickets are still avaliable via ticketmaster and the arena's box office.  Trucks scheduled to be there include: Bigfoot #10, Shockwave, Killer Bee, Storm Damage and more!  Looking forward to the event!

3/02/08-Sample Photos in the works!
Construction has begun on the sample photos page.  This will feature over 20 pictures from different locations of different trucks including Grave Digger, Bigfoot, Raminator, Maximum Destruction, and more!!  Also on the page is the "2007 & 2006 Pictures of the Year"!  Check which ones won!  The rest of the pictures will hopefully be up by the end of this weekend.  Also look for a links page with various websites including where full photo galleries of my pictures can be located!

2/26/08-"Shot of the Show" now online!
Thats right, the first 3 events of the year now have best picture winners!  What were the best shots from Raleigh, Hartford, and Worcester?  Just click the "Shot of the Show" on the menu to find out the top 3 pictures from each show!  There will be pleanty more in addition to these as the year goes on!  Go check it out!

2/25/08-Schedule now up!
I put up my schedule as of 2/25.  It includes all dates I plan to attend, or have already attended.  Tomorrow I plan on adding the "Shot of the Show" page which will feature the top 3 pictures from each event attended thus far.  Also if I am able to, I will add the "Sample Photos" page which will feature some of my best pictures from various different locations and various trucks with different styles, colors, etc.  I will also show my "2006 and 2007 Personal Picture of the Year" on that page! 

Started some minor work.  New logo has been made as well as a contact page has been put up.  More to come soon! 

Site Under Construction!  I still have lots of work to do to the site, just starting to figure out how some stuff is done.  Right now I have a temporary logo up above.  Soon there will be a new one with a mirage of some of my favorite photos.  Coming up over the next month as I do more and more work to the site, you can expect:

1) "Sample Photos"=This page will consist of photos from various shows as samples of the quality of pictures I can take
2) "Shot of the Show"=As I attend events in 2008, I will choose 1 photo I believe was the best taken at a particular event.  There will also be 2nd and 3rd place pictures chosen as well.  Events to be posted immediately will be Raleigh, NC; Hartford, CT; and Worcester, MA!
3) "Schedule"=Just a list of the events I will be attending.
4) "Bio"=A brief summary about myself.
5) "Contact"=A page where contact information for myself will be avaliable.

As I said I will be working on this site slowly, but surely.  I'm aiming for the whole thing to be done by April!