765 Union Street, Portland

  June  22-23-242018

A Taste of Summerfest

Come to the Entertainment Tent on Saturday evening and enjoy a delicious assortment of wines and microbrews.

Perhaps you've enjoyed these events at other venues---but if not, we assure you that no experience is necessary!  Just bring your enthusiasm and you'll do fine.

Microbrews/Wines Available in 2016

Bells: Oberon and Oatmobile
Founders: Palm Reader
Dark Horse: Rain in Blood
New Holland: White Hatter
Arbor Brewing: Strawberry Blonde 

Leelenau Cellars: Winter White, Peach, Autumn Chateau 
Grand Traverse: Select Sweet Riesling, Pinto Grigio
St. Julian: Cherry Wine

About the Event

  • Saturday 6:00-9:00 p.m.
  • Your choice: Pay $20 and get 7 tokens + 1 glass; pay $10 and get 3 tokens + 1 glass. 
  • Bring back your glass from last year and you'll receive an extra token.

For information call Mike and Beth Theis at 517-647-2288.