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There are often games and periods that come and go in fashion and since the last dated entry on the Club site there have been quite a few. Sometimes it is because there comes along a new set of rules or because a new set of figure/models are released. For example, one of the most popular games at the present time if the Star Wars X-Wing Miniatures, which was the choice for this year’s fantasy competition.

WW2 has seen a few contenders for new rules but, the one that appears to give the greatest game play enjoyment is Bolt Action: PDF summary of rules available here. I am also told the full rules are available to buy as an e-book which makes them very cheap.

The Ancient game players and Musket and shot players tend to favour a set of ‘sibling rules: Hail Caesar and Black Powder.

As usual there are almost too many game types to mention and there is also a strong element of Role Playing and board games played almost weekly, further information can be found on the Gaming Periods section.

Special mention must be made of Keith Westwood (one of the longest club members) and his quest to produce a series of ‘one page rules’, covering the Russian Civil War and other periods. Perhaps his greatest strength is in the production of some of the most devious scenarios you can imagine.