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Singles Title Venue/PhotoChampion Team Runner-Up Team 
1980/81  R Warrender(Snr)     
1981/82   D Bartlett   R Biggerstaff   
1982/83  Colin Allan Millield D Doctor  
1983/84  D McHale    
1984/85  G Robertson McCues R Biggerstaff McCues 
1985/86  Kenny Cation Brig Tavern   
1986/87  I Moffat    
1987/88  Ray Stewart    
1988/89  Kevin Traynor    
1989/90  Mike Wood Burns Tavern 'A   
1990/91 Burns         Patrick Moir Burns Tavern  M Pratt Burns Tavern 
1991/92 Grosvenor S Stewart Kirkland Bar D Allan Argyle Bar 
1992/93  Rab Frape Argyle BarA Sadler Denbeath MW 
1993/94  Dougie Hutt Burns Tavern D Allan Argyle Bar
1994/95  Kenny Cation Silver Tassie R Biggerstaff Buck'n'Hynd 
1995/96  Tam Walker Silver Tassie S Cunnigham Argyle Bar
1996/97 Wellesley  Deek Allan Argyle Bar G Kinninmonth Silver Tassie 
1997/98 Buck'n'Hynd Bruce McCall Buck'n'Hynd R Biggerstaff Wellesley Inn 
1998/99 Brig Rab Warrender Empire S Wedderburn Wellesley Inn 
1999/00  Rab Frape Brig Tavern D Allan Brig Tavern 
2000/01 Kirkland  Stoo Warren 3          Blazers J Anderson 1Auld Hoose 
2001/02 Douglas Alan Dickson 3      Brig Tavern D Allan 0Brig Tavern 
2002/03 Sunbeam Rab Warrender 3  Blazers M McHale 2Den Inn 
2003/04 Silver Tassie T McCulloch Sunbeam A Dickson Steppenwolf 
2004/05 Toll Bar  Jimmy Swain         Silver Tassie W Dunlop Sunbeam 
2005/06 Den Inn  George Kinninmonth    Den Inn W Dunlop Sunbeam 
2006/07 Brig Davy Comrie 3   Brig Tavern B McCall 2Buck'n'Hynd 
2007/08 WindsorRab Warrender 3 Den Inn 'A S Spencer 0Buck'n'Hynd 'B 
2008/09 Buck'n'Hynd Rab Warrender 3   Blazers C Saunders 0Brig Tavern 
2009/10 Argyle Mike McHale 3     Den Inn Deek Allan 1 Brig Tavern 
2010/11 Empire Rab Warrender 4 Auld Hoose WIan Murray 1Auld Hoose W
2011/12 Brig Rab Warrender 5Auld Hoose WMike Paterson 1Auld Hoose W
2012/13Argyll Deek Allan 4Brig Tavern Mike Paterson 3Auld Hoose W
William Dunlop 4
Auld Hoose W
Rab Warrender 3
Auld Hoose W
Ian Murray 4
Auld Hoose
Kev Corcoran 0
Brian Thomson 4
Auld Hoose
Kev Corcoran 1
Auld Hoose
Brian Thomson 4
Auld Hoose 'A
Mike McHale
Brig 'A
2017/18 Brig  Scott SpencerDouglas 'BMike McHale Swan 'A 
 Under 25
 Champion TeamRunner-Up Team
Blair Simpson 4
Graham Raeburn 3
Auld Hoose
McPhailsMarc TaylorAuld Hoose 'BS RaffertyDouglas 'A
2017/18Brig Regan Paterson 5  Swan 'A Joe Hutchison 3 Windsor 


 Masters 26-49
Greg Stringer 5
Brian Thomson 4
Auld Hoose
R Warrender 5
Auld Hoose 'A
A McWilliams 1
Douglas 'A
2017/18Brig Greg Stringer - 5 Swan 'A R Warrender - 4Brig 'A 


Singles Final



R Warrender


R Frape


K Cation

D Allen


William Dunlop

B Thomson



A Dickson



G Kinninmonth


competitions changed to Blackball rules from season 2010/2011

2nd Round Venue - Sunbeam 2 Qualify for final 
 1 A Keith  Millfield 
 2 * G McLaren  Wellesley 'A 
 3 * S Warren  Blazers 
 4 K Hamilton  Douglas Arms 
 5 A Raeburn  Silver Tassie 
 6 R Crockatt Snr  Buck'n'Hynd 
 7 D Barnes  Buck'n'Hynd 
2nd Round  Venue - Millfield 2 Qualify for Final 
1 * B McCall  Brig 'A 
M Brodie  Brig 'A 
D Allan  Brig 'A 
G Brunton  Blazers 
S Bradley  Wellesley 'A 
6 * A Laverty  Blazers 
S Anderson  Kirkland 

2nd Round Venue - Silver Tassie 2 Qualify for Final 
A Band  Douglas 
2 G Byers  Blazers 
E Lumsden  Auld Hoose 
4 * J Anderson  Auld Hoose 
5 * J Keillor  Wellesley 'A 
M Anderson  Douglas 
J Wilson  Auld Hoose 

2nd Round Venue - Welesley Inn 2 Qualify for Final 
J Bogie  Den Inn 
2 * R Frape  Brig 'A 
3 B Glover  Wellesley 'B 
A Warrender  Sunbeam 
M McHale  Den Inn 
6 * C Brister  Kirkland Bar 
D Law  Sunbeam 

Quarter-Final Venue - Kirkland 2000-01     
R Frape  Brig 'A  B McCall  Brig 'A 
2 J Anderson  Auld Hoose  C Bristor  Kirkland 
A Laverty  Blazers  J Keillor  Wellesley 'A 
S Warren  Blazers  G McLaren   Wellesley 'A
S Warren Blazers  B McCall  Brig 'A 
J Anderson  Auld Hoose  A Laverty  Blazers 
S Warren Blazers       
  Champion    J Anderson  Auld Hoose 

If I remember correctly the 2 previous winners met in the 1st round with R Frape meeting B Mccall winning with a brilliant clearance in the final frame, Mccall lost the semi final to Warren 2-0.  Anderson sailed past Bristor in the quarters and then beat Lavery 2-0 in the Semi Final. Anderson won the first frame, then in the second potted the black and white in the middle bag, the other games were slow tacticle with Warren coming out on top of the battle 3-1.

Warren came throw the 1st round in the Auld Hoose Leven 2-1 versus the last Millfield owner don't mind his name. then   2-0 versus S McKenzie , Deek Allan also qualified from this venue only to loose in the next round at the Millfield.                                 


2nd Round 1990-91 Venue - Methilhill BC  2 Qualify for Final
1 N McWilliams  East Dock Bar 
D Allan  Burns 'A 
3 * D Clark  Wellesley
J Carr  Douglas 
5 * A Watt  Burns 'A 
6 L Potty  Douglas 
J Comrie  Wellesley 'A 
M Johnson  Methilhill BC 

2nd Round 1990-91 Venue - Buck'n'Hynd  2 Qualify for Final 
D Stoke  Bayview Bar
T Morrison  Argyle
3 * M Pratt  Burns 'A 
G McLaren  bye / 1 Buck'n'Hynd  
M Scott     1 Methilhill BC 
6 * S Warren   2   /  2 Burns 'B 

2nd Round 1990-91 Venue - Wellesley  2 Qualify for Final
1 * G Goodsir  Douglas 
S Gorrie  Buck'n'Hynd 
B Dewar  Silver Tassie 
4 J O'Neil  Grosvenor 'B 
K Cation  Silver Tassie 
J Johnston  Methilhill BC 
7 * R Frape  Burns 'A 

2nd Round 1990-91 Venue - Auld Hoose  2 Qualify for Final 
1 * S Fowler  Wellesley 
E Scullion  Wellesley 
S Moffat  Douglas 
A Wardlaw  Methilhill BC 
D Brown  Auld Hoose 
6 * P Moir  Burns 'A 
J Mitchell  Douglas 
I Welsh  Bayview Bar 

Final eight 1990-91 Venue - Burns  Team Played For 
1 Won the Title P Moir Burns 'A
A Watt Burns 'A 
S Warren / 1  Burns 'B  
D Clark    / 2 Wellesley 
5  Banned from burns X- S Fowler -X X- Wellesley -X 
R Frape Burns 'A
7 G Goodsir  Douglas
M Pratt Burns 'A