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Flying crank ghost


                                     Flying Crank Ghost


This version is built using a rotisserie motor.  I got the info off of Monsterlist. I got the rotisserie at Lowe's on sale for $20. With a few modifications I have a great FCG that I cant wait to use Halloween 08. I will place it in our front window.

Parts List                                  Tools

1.Rotisserie               7.Large washer

2.Wood                     8.light skull

 3.Screws                  9.cheese cloth line            10.hangers

5.eye hooks             11.cardboard paint            12.masking tape

Hole cutter


Drill and drill bits


lock tight glue

Step 1

  Open up the rotisserie so you can get ready to secure the shaft to be fixed to the motor. The shaft just slides into the motor and goes in and out freely. I drilled a hole throught the male and female part and placed a cotter pin to secure the shaft. I places some locktight on it just to make it a stronger bond. Put it all back together and step one is done.


Bend shaft 90 degrees at motor and at other end. The rotisserie shaft is also too long so you will need to cut it off to your desired length. That will be determined by the size of your ghost



Drill holes for fishing line 1,2,3

Install bolt and nuts so washer spins freely. Add lock-tight so nuts do not tighten.

Attach assembly to shaft. This on only a dry fit you will need to remove to put through wooden frame later.



Build the frame T

Measure for your shaft and placement of motor

Place your eye loops. one in center and on each end. This is for the fishing line to be placed through. I also placed loops on top to easily attach to ceiling



Completed assembly

With paint to hide at night!


  Build ghost frame with heavy wire hangers. Shoulders and elbows need to move so create loops and link them together. I added a support between shoulders to give it strength. You can adjust as you go. I made the hands out of cardboard and masking tape so they would be light.Add cheese cloth soaked in detergent or Rite die so the black light will make it glow and you will have one awesome FCG

                         Watch it in action!



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