by Steven Douglas Elwood

ISBN 1- 4241-8853-9

 This novella introduces two detectives who will appear in later books. If you like detective stories you will like...CONTROL

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     Recently, Frank and Jack treated Albert with less and less dignity. It’s not that they ever did treat him right, but it was getting worse. They treated him like he was just a tool. Then he realized for the first time that’s all he is to them, a tool. At times he thought he was a member of the organization; he felt like he belonged to something bigger than himself. The realization came crashing down on him like a ton of bricks. His delusion faded; he was nothing to them, just a way for them to get their drugs free and easy. And now they could do their murders by remote control.  The more he thought about this, the more his anger burned. His anger and resentment would be his strength.  


Author Bio

  Steven Douglas Elwood was born in Newport, Minnesota in 1962. He is the youngest of seven children.

  Mr. Elwood has traveled the United States extensively and has completed two contracts for "All Alaskan Seafoods" in Alaska.

  He is currently living in California,  with his wife Linda


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