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New:  Credit/Debit cards now accepted.  
Call DeeDee at 800.353.7442.  (convenience fee applies)

Webinars (not to be confused with "online courses") have several advantages:

1.  NO EXAMS !      Up to 24 Hours CE available!

2.  Attend from your office or privacy of your own home, or from anywhere you have internet access.

3.  NO TRAVEL !  (Save on gas, meals, and lodging)

4.  Easier than most things you already do on your computer!

5.  No special equipment required!  (You get the visual on your computer screen and the audio comes by your choice thru phone or optional headset on your computer.)

6.  Lower tuition costs!

7.  Makes office managers lives so much easier!  (Managers and owners:  call to discover the great benefits to your office! )



Easy.  Review the webinar schedule to choose a webinar title & date. (or more than one if needed) 

Then, just register as you would for any other courses using our online registration form (instead of a town, just state in comments the date & name of Webinar desired). 

About a day or so before the course date, we will send you an information email containing the link (which you will click on a few minutes before the Webinar start time).  That link connects you to the Webinar.

The email webinar link also gives you information to help make sure you know what to expect as to the "signing on" to the webinar session. 

The most typical response by agents after attending one of our webinars has been:  "That was so easy!  We should have been doing it this way already!"

Try it, you'll like it!   Call for more details:  800-353-7442



Page Updated 9/22/17