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True all the madenes on youtube about a comet withs name is Ison,people going wild again with nibiru,planet x,and ofcours the fema.

I have bin looking for someone who give my the info i need, Ben Davidson,he is the man who give the  update`s on every thing in our solar systeem and the earth.I leard a lot about how to look things up and on the way i made some friends,special people.

I will put down a link from his website and look for your selfs.


I had a dream,i was in a place where there was panic,people running 0n barefoot and shouting,ice came out of the gound, i tryd to help people to get to my house,when i wook up i new that this dream meant something,two days later,i came across Ison,and that brought me to Ben,

It's not that I know what is going to happen, but that something is going to happen.this is my third dream in my live.Also i know that angels will come and get me before its going down,the want me to do something with my mam,i look forward to it 

Dan Gibson's Solitudes (Native Spirit: Gentle World)