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One-Act or Full-Length
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Large Cast or Small Cast
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For a Cast of Kids, Adults or Both

I've got you covered.

Maybe you're looking for something
brand spanking new...

"Cannibals Alone"
Two women, a future scarred by disease,
a twisted revenge.

"The Count Of Monte Crisco"
Wanted:  A company brave enough, creative enough and crazy enough to stage this modern adaptation of the Dumas classic set in a Texas diner.
  Up to the challenge?

"Red Herrings"
A psychic trying to find a kidnapped baby is interrupted by the arrival of her estranged daughter on the run from a dangerous boyfriend.  When the boyfriend shows up, things are bound to get...interesting.
A comedy/thriller in the tradition of
"Deathtrap" and "Sleuth."

Amazing Mini-Mysteries of Nick Tickle, Fairy Tale Detective
Your favorite Fairy Tale Detective returns in five 15-minute mysteries - can he rescue the children's library, find the missing glass slipper, get to the bottom of a terrible accident and save his own skin?

Tracking down cattle rustlers and arresting The Crimson Kid - it's all in a day's work for Sheriff Andy (with a little help from the new deputies in the audience).

"A Very Zombie Christmas Carol"
Exactly what it sounds like.
"The Girl Who Lost Her Heart" 
When Avi loses her father, she loses her heart as well - can she persuade it to return?
 "Rainy Day Comics"
Little Sally wants to spend a rainy day reading comic books even though her mother forbids it.  Maybe not such a good idea...
 Dr. Despicable vs. Captain Stupendous!
Captain Stupendous and Sidekick Girl can usually handle their evil nemesis Dr. Despicable...until he joins forces with a new ally - The Tooth Fairy! 

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