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Stephen Rennicks

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Stephen Rennicks is a visual artist based in the Northwest of Ireland. Some pieces to date include the year long Junk Out Of Context (2004 - 2005) which explored the audio and video stock of Dublin charity shops; Trains for the Blind (2004), a sound piece released in conjunction with the ESB Dublin Fringe festival; a six month Secret Residency at Dublin Airport during 2005; Imagine Black Lough (2006) installation at The Dock, Carrick-on-Shannon, Co. Leitrim; his debut solo show With & Without Context at Mantua Project, Co. Roscommon in 2007; his three year in the making land art piece 666777888 completed in 2008; the moment concerned Deeper into Nothing (2009) and How To Disappear (2010). He took part in the TRADE 2011 residency which was led by David Michalek. He published his One Minute Residency Handbook (2012) and Deeper into Nothing booklet (2013). A Guide To Here Nor There (2012 - 2013) was completed in collaboration with Isabel Lofgren. His Annual Public Sculpture Series was completed over 3 years in 2014. He completed The Zone Does Not Exist (2014) and a video piece from it was included in a group show, Psychic Lighthouse, at The Model, Sligo in 2015.  In 2017 he completed his Strange Attractor series, Strange Attractor: Myth, Mystery & the Miraculous (2015), Searching for The White Room (2016) and Future Memory: An Experiment With Time (2017). His latest project is Keystone23: Accidental Archive (2018).

My practice has investigated myth, mystery, the now and poetic truths, amongst other things. My work often re-imagines something which has become discarded, over-looked or was not completed. I have used various mediums including video, booklets, speculative fiction, sound, websites and installation. In 2005 I completed a 'Secret Residency' while working a part-time job in Dublin Airport which led me towards my 'One Minute Residency' and 'Deeper Into Nothing' projects, both models for stimulating creativity and being more in the moment. I am also interested in art in public spaces and some of my work continues to subtly exist there without permission.

As well as being a visual artist I have been a member of the band Memory Cells (1999-2001), made solo electronic music as Secret Society (2004-2006) and was a member of Black Sea Project. I continue to write about Drexciya and their offshoots at Drexciya Research Lab and wrote a Primer article about them for The Wire in 2010.

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