Star Trek Protector

The Fan Film

The Fan Film

STAR TREK PROTECTOR, is a UK (London) managed Star Trek Fan Film Production, with production crew members and cast members working with us from across the globe supporting us to make the Star Trek Protector films, as well as the comics and other productions we are working on.

Star Trek Protector is based in the Abramsverse (JJ Abram's Star Trek, Star Trek 2009, Star Trek into Darkness and the upcoming Star Trek Beyond) or the Alternate Reality as its also known as.

Star Trek Protector is set during and after Star Trek into Darkness and will continue beyond. The production will begin its release in 2016 to mark the 50th Anniversary of Star Trek and our productions will be aired via our website, youtube and other media avenues.


"Those who donate or become fans will get sneak peeks and information before we publically announce them and will also be the first to watch and see our productions."

Current Status:


What is Star Trek Protector about?

Star Trek Protector will be based on the Star Trek by JJ Abram's (Star Trek 2009 and Star Trek into Darkness) with a focus on a different starship of the same class as the Enterprise and sister ship, the U.S.S. Protector – NCC 1702.


Ever since its beginnings in 2005 Star Trek Protector has always been a story about Section 31 and the threat of a civil war within the Federation and with the move to the new alternate reality or Abramsverse as its also called, gives us more opportunities to do what we like with the production. Our fan production will have the same feel as the new Star Trek films and will continue the focus on the increased tensions and impending war with the Klingon Empire, as well as the increased activity of Section 31 and planned take over of the Federation.


Star Trek Protector will be a bit more of a darker Star Trek where anything could happen, even the loss of the Federation itself. The new ship and new crew must fight to protect the Federation from imploding within or the Federation could be lost forever.....


July 2015

Hey STP Fans;

As you know we have been very busy here at Dark Majesty Productions, with the scripts completed and then re-written, we were forced to make some major tweaks as the similarities between our production and Star Trek into Darkness were very close, while this is a bit more work for us, it’s great to see that we are heading in the same direction and will closely link our production with the JJ Abram’s Star Trek films and also we have been adding bits of the original script from back in 2005 into it too, as it just fitted much better in this timeline (Abramsverse).

We are currently recruiting an Artist to work on the first Comic Story, called "PEGASUS" which will open up our story and give the fans an overview and insight into our production, and set the scene for our fan film, which is set during Star Trek into Darkness and we will soon be releasing our Teaser Trailer for our production to our fans and supporters in the next few months, before we release it to the general public. (We will be giving lots of sneak peeks to our Producers, Supporters and Fans, so don't forget to register for them).

We were also sad to hear of the death of Star Trek Legend 'Leonard Nimoy' who played Spook in the original series, films and in the recent JJ Abram's Star Trek. RIP Nimoy. Live Long and Prosper! 


Goodbye for now J

Scott Robb
Creator, Writer, Director and Producer



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Star Trek Protector is a fan based production and is therefore not for profit. All donations are used for the series only.