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                                                     Neva Masquerade Cat

                                 (AKA Traditional Colorpoint Siberian Forest Cat)


Neva Masquerade Cat Breeders


“Neva-Masquerade” is the Traditional Colorpoint Siberian Forest Cat. Given a festive name due to the more decorative coats. The Neva originates in Leningrad (now St. Petersburg) and along the Neva River. When other cats breeds were imported to this area the Siberian was mixed with pointed cats such as Balinese, Siamese, Persians, Himalayans, etc., this created offspring with a – fluffy coat with pointed color. Some claim this mix was natural, why others claim intentional.
(Photo courtesy of Roger Kendrick)


The ideal Traditional Neva Masquerade is a medium sized, robust, strong, luxuriously medium to long haired cat, originating along the Neva River, thus their name. They are believed to be a mixed breed based upon Siberian, Persian and Siamese bloodlines. Mature cats are powerfully built with an overall appearance of strength, force, and alertness. Powerful hind legs are slightly longer than the front. They possess a natural, loving facial expression. Their all weather coat is dense and full and varies in length and density of undercoat with the seasons. The Traditional Neva Masquerade originally endured the harsh, cold climate of its native Russia. It has since easily adapted to varied environments. It can take 5 years for an adult cat to attain full size and splendor so allowance must be made when judging kittens and young cats. Allowance must be made for a some times significant, gender based, difference in size. Mature males may have larger and broader heads than females. Type takes presidence over size and color


No known genetic defects.


Neva Masquerade (NEM) är en syskonras till den Sibiriska katten. I Norge är den preliminärt godkänd från 2009 [1]. Rasstandarden är den samma som hos Sibirisk katt förutom att Neva Masquerade är en maskad katt d.v.s. den har en mask i ansiktet samt att benen och svansen har en annan färg/nyans än kroppen. Neva Masquerade har blå ögon. Första registrerade svenskfödda Nevan föddes på katteri S*Aleigas i Nälden, Jämtlands län.

En maskert Siberian er søsken rasen Neva Masquerade som alltid blåøyd og "maskert",

 dvs. ansikt, ører, ben og hale er en mørkere farge. Kroppsfarge er generelt lys.


Huvud: Huvudet är kilformat och mjukt rundat. Det har välutvecklade, höga kindben och nosen är bred och medellång.
Öron: Medelstora med rundade öronspetsar, tofsar inuti och lodjurstofsar på dem.
Ögonen: Stora, sitter brett isär och ovala
Ögonfärg: Blå
Kropp: Kraftig och muskulös
Benen: Kraftig benstomme, medelhöga och starka
Tassarna: Stora runda tassar med tofsar mellan tårna
Svansen: Lång, tjock, tät och underullen får inte ligga platt. Hårstråna är kraftiga och får inte hänga ned
Pälsen: Semilång, tät och underullen får inte ligga platt. Pälsen stöter bort vatten och känns lite hård när man rör den. Sommarpälsen är kortare och vinterpälsen har en välutvecklad man och krage.

Rasen har samma standard som Sibirisk katt då de är syskonraser och blev godkända som det 2011, förutom att denna är maskad. Den är väldigt tålig mot kylan på vintern, värmen på sommaren och höststormarna, eftersom deras päls är så skyddande så den inte ens blir blöt i regnet. Men för det så ska man ju självklart inte låta den vara ute hur som helst bara för den är född med de egenskaperna.

Det sägs att vissa allergiker kan tåla rasen, eftersom de saknar proteinet FEL D-1 som orsakar allergi hos många personer. Detta är dock inte vetenskapligt bevisat utan bara erfarenhet hos uppfödare och allergiker.




Neva Masquerade cat – a breed of long-haired cats with color-Pointed color and bright blue eyes. In fact, the Neva Masquerade cat – a cat with coat of the Siberian breed, like a Siamese color. This breed is a proud Russian breeders, but in other countries there are many nurseries where grown Neva Masquerade cats.

The name of the Neva Masquerade cat was due to his mask on the face, which makes it similar to a beauty, gathered at the masquerade.

breed is large enough, the weight of an adult cat in the order of 5-6 kg. of an adult cat is much larger, about 8-9 pounds.  




Colors Neva Masquerade cats can be quite different. The most common color in cats of this breed – seal point, ie light body and dark brown, sometimes almost black, Point (feet, tail, ears, muzzle). Sometimes Neva Masquerade cat color seal point become unique through darkened in color. So many people like this blackout, and sometimes in nurseries only ask these “dark” cats.

Another attractive color – when Neva Masquerade cat with white paws. These colors are the prefix “white”, such as “power-point and whiteВ».

Eyes Neva Masquerade cats may have a different color from light blue to sapphire blue. Some cats of this breed are very gentle and good looking and very pretty little face. At the same time it does not meet the requirements of the breed, but like many owners and lovers Neva Masquerade.

Wool Neva Masquerade cats worthy of attention. Like the Siberian cat, Neva Masquerade wool does not cause allergic reactions in sensitive doge allergies. Therefore, if your family has a person is allergic to wool, and make your pet really want, we recommend you to pay attention to Neva Masquerade cats. But there’s more similarities with the hair of the Siberian cat. Wool fancy cat repellent, smooth and does not require a special care for, because never slips and does not form tangles. Another feature of this breed of wool, inherited from Siberians, in the presence of wool collar and trousers on the hind legs.

Cats of this breed in the spring molt begins. Animal “stripped” by the summer, takes off unwanted undercoat. By the winter undercoat grows back, and the cat is again furry and fluffy.

Neva Masquerade cat is suitable for those who want to have animals in the house, gentle as a cat and loyal as a dog who needs a good friend and companion. Cats of this breed are very strongly attached to their owners, like dogs differ great devotion. House and furniture Neva Siberian cats are in the background, the main thing for them – to receive love from their masters. While Neva Masquerade cat suffers obsessive and verbosity, and will not always reach for caresses down and plaintive meow. This animal senses your mood and will come to you only when you are in a good mood, and when ready to fondle it and play. Loneliness for these animals is not a catastrophe. You just came home from work, a little play and cuddle your pet Neva Masquerade – and this for him would be sufficient.

Neva Masquerade cats are playful and active, but in moderation. Temperament they do not allow excesses. They bring to any home a sense of comfort and relaxation, while also arranging the physical workout.

Resentful of these cats is completely absent. They will never write to you in the shoes or defecate on the carpet, if you have them punished. Neva Masquerade cat if you take offense to, it simply turn their back on you and telling you the hint that you are unfair to her. For the care and affection these cats always respond in kind.

Another great feature of the Neva Masquerade cat: she knows and remembers your name! Lure her to his simple “kitty” you will hardly succeed. But hearing his name, the cat always responds. This breed, unlike many others, understands not only your tone, and your words.

Neva Masquerade cats get along well with children, trying to protect them and take care of them. They never release the claws, as if their child is not squeezed. The representative of the breed will turn the faster, remove and run away to a place where his children will not reach. If the baby is crying, the cat is sure to be there and try to comfort him, and sometimes run to call adults. Babies learn to walk faster, when there is a cat with them: they are trying to get to her hand, because love to touch soft fluffy fur.

Neva Masquerade cats can be friends not only with the person, but also other animals: dogs, cats, and sometimes they are friends with the rats, and mice! Males usually help in rearing cats and cats do when given birth at the same time, children reared together, not dividing them into their own and others.

However, there is a Neva Masquerade cat and their character traits, which are not available to other cats. And sometimes you have to accept the fact that your pet likes and dislikes – no. At the same time, he understands himself, what in your home orders and will respect them. Tenacity and stubbornness of the cat does not hold, so sometimes you have to show that you are more stubborn, and eventually the cat will know what is allowed and what is not. But even if the Neva Masquerade cat vytvorit some prank, glancing once in her beautiful eyes you will forgive her everything. Having got this cat once, on the other breed you ever stop to think.






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