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Welcome to the Sir Stanley Baker Tribute Website. British cinema's original 'Tough Guy'!  This is a unique tribute to 'Stan the Man', ..the worlds' only website solely dedicated to one of Wales' greatest sons! I hope you enjoy reading and looking at this wonderful actor and his work. It's a great shame Sir Stanley is no longer with us, but his work & memory will live on.

Please use the 'Next TV Appearance Page' for the latest showing of any of Sir Stanley's films. Also listed below the listed updates, are any new releases on dvd or in publication.

The new Sir Stanley Baker Lounge is now open to the public & will feature items from this site along with items donated by the Baker family. A warm Welsh welcome awaits everyone who visits! 

The Glynredyn building that houses the Stanley Baker Lounge, along with Ferns Restaurant & Sports Bar is in Ferndale, Sir Stanley's home town in South Wales.  You can view the new buildings progress/photos at the Ferndale Rugby Club website, listed in the Links page. 

Please feel free to leave a message on the Guest Book and I will get back to you if you should require me to do so.

The site is often updated, with new found photos, articles etc, so please come back and visit again. Most recent updates below:

Latest: Again apologies for the lengthy delay. We're still here, just some times life gets in the way. Lots is Sir Stan on TV next 10 days, please see TV Appearances page for new details [7/11/15]Apologies for the lengthy delay. Finding new pieces is a rarity nowadays. Videos & TV appearance updated for the present time. [14/05/15]  Final update for 2014In The Gallery; Publicity - 1 new photo & in Film Stills 1 new photo. [11/12/14] 1 new full feature in the Videos section & 1 new photo in The Gallery;Film Stills. Also the TV appearance page has been updated! Apologies for the overdue updates. Busy time of year. [25/11/14] The full feature film of Checkpoint has been added to the Videos section. [26/9/14] A new program has been added to Articles Section (many thanks A.Clement) & 1 new film in the Video's section in memory of Lord Attenborough. [26/08/14] 3 new publicity shots in The Gallery:Studio/Pub. [10/10/14] 3 new clips added in Videos amongst which is a look back on Zulu with Prince Buthelezi for the 50th Anniversary. The 50th Anniversary premiere of Zulu took place last week in Leicester Square, London. Click to hear to read about it: [15/06/14] Added to The Gallery;Film Stills - 4 more stills courtesy of Catriona Whitefiled. [20/03/14] I would like to thank Catriona Whitefield who recently sent me some wonderful stills of Sir Stan. The first 5 of which have been loaded; In the Gallery Publicity/Studio - 2 photos & 3 photos in Film Stills. Also to Alun Clement who has sent a link for those who wish to view the new Zulu documentary celebrating its 50th anniversary. You can view it here: [18/2/14] Last month saw the 50th Anniversary of the cinematic release of Zulu. There is an upcoming TV documentary in production commemorating the anniversary coming soon. In The Gallery;Publicity/Studio, 2 new still & 2 more in Film Stills also. [5/2/14] In Videos, a brand new whole version of one of Sir Stan's earliest films, Home to Danger. [18/01/14] In The Gallery; Studio & publicity, 1 new still & in Film Stills, 2 new stills. Wishing everyone a very Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year in 2014. [21/12/13] In The Gallery; Film Stills & Studio/Publicity, 1 new still respectively. Also in The Poster section, 1 new photo. [16/11/13] In The Videos; 1 new clip has been added + the TV Appearance page has been updated. [24/10/13]In The Gallery;Film Stills, 2 new photos. & The TV appearance page as also been update. [5/10/13]  In The Gallery; Film Stills, 1 new photo & 2 new links in The Links section. Apologies for long wait on updates, lots going on at present. Also the Next TV Appearance has been updated as well . [12/09/13] In The Gallery; Publicity/Studio, 2 new photos & another 1 in Film Stills. [7/08/13] 2 new clips have been added to the Videos Section [29/06/13] In The Gallery; Publicity/Studio, 2 new photos & 1 new still in Film Stills. [7/06/13] 3 new behind the scenes shots in The Gallery; Publicity/Studio. [17/05/13] Another full length film added in the Videos Section; a chance to see Sir Stan play something slightly different in the excellent Changeling. [2/05/13] In Videos; 2 more full length films have been added. [18/04/13] In The Gallery:Film Stills & Studio/Publicity, 1 new photo each. [4/4/13] 1 new clip in Videos & 1 new still in The Gallery;Film Stills. [22/3/13] 2 new stills in The Gallery;Studio/Publicity & 1 new clip in Videos. [7/03/13] 2 new clips in Videos [14/02/13] 2 new stills each in The Gallery; Studio/Publicity & Film Stills. [30/1/13] 1 new clip added to Videos. [18/01/13] Happy 2013! 2 new stills in The Gallery;Film Stills. [7/01/13] 2 new stills in The Gallery;Film Stills & 1 new clip in Videos. [27/11/1] Lovely new publicity photo in The Gallery;Studio/Publicity. [15/11/12] Thanks to Peter M at Strawberry Media for the heads up on the new DVD releases below, both available from & other entertainment outlets. [2/11/12] 4 new stills (2 each) in The Gallery;Studio/Publicity & Film Stills. [19/10/12] Lovely new TVTimes article taken from 1970 in the Articles section. [7/10/12] 2 new clips in Videos. [28/9/12] 2 more new stills in The Gallery; Film Stills [19/09/12] Another still in The Gallery; Fill Stills section. [12/9/12] 2 more still in The Gallery;Film Stills. [4/9/12] 2 new stills in The Gallery; Studio/Publicity [24/8/12] 1 new colour still in The Gallery;Film Stills. [15/8/12] A new still in The Gallery;Film Stills. & please see below on new DVD release for the Armchair Theatre Series, featuring Sir Stanley inThe Criminals.(not to be confused with Sir Stan's film The Criminal.) [08/08/12]  A new poster in Film/DVD covers & 1 more still in The Gallery;Film Stills. [18/4/12] A new clip in Videos + 1 new still in The Gallery; Studio/Publicity. [05/04/12] 2 new stills in The Gallery;Film Stills. [28/03/12]  Interesting clip in Videos regarding the Zulu Film Exhibition at Cardiff Castle. [21/02/12] A new article in Archives;Articles. Many thanks to John Issacs for its kind donation. John was a driver for Sir Stanley when he made his may trips back home to Wales. [9/8/11] There is a new album in The Gallery: Sir Stanley Baker Lounge Opening; Many thanks to Barry Davies;more photos to follow.[29/6/11] The new Sir Stanley Baker Lounge was officially opened on Friday 10th June by Lady Baker, Glyn Baker and Mrs Muriel Lewis (Sir Stanley's sister) Many thanks to all at the Glynredyn building for making it a special day for us all, special thanks to Alun Clement & Ferndale RFC, John Asquith & the Choir and to Alwyn Davies for the beautiful flowers! Photos to be added soon. More updates later. [15/6/11]   In the Archives; Articles, 2 new pieces again donated by the Baker family. [30/3/11] With the kind permission of the Baker family, you can now view Sir Stanley's KBE medal & citation in the Archives:Articles home page, along with a Zulu service medal he was awarded. [5/03/11] Parts 2, 3 & 4 of the last article have finally been added in the Archives section, apologies for the delay. [30/11/10]Again in Archives;Articles, 3 more pieces again with thanks to Stephen Pickard. [4/11/10] In the Archives;Articles, 7 new pieces have been added. Many thanks to Stephen Pickard for all his kind donations. [26/10/10]   Another set of 3 photos in Film Stills section of The Gallery. Thanks to George for the photo from 'Red Beret'. [8/6/10]    3 new photos in The Gallery;Publicity/Studio. The 1964 group photo with many thanks to David Rayner. [8/03/10] In honour of what would have been Sir Stanley's 82nd Birthday, there are two exclusive photos added to the Biography with kind permission of Ferndale Rugby Club. [28/2/10] a huge thank you to Martin Baker for meeting me this week and having a chat regarding his father, I very much enjoyed it! [23/07/09] 

New releases: Dr Robert Shails new biography of Sir Stanley was released October 2008

Perfect Friday released on dvd July 2013

Robbery released on dvd July 2008

 A Hill in Korea released on dvd 22nd June 2009       

Lilli Marlene released on dvd 15th June 2009    

Yesterday's Enemy released on dvd (in the UK) 23rd November 2009          

Undercover released on dvd 25th January 2010 from Opitmum Releasing

The Last Grenade released on R1 dvd on 23rd February from

Blind Date released on R2 dvd March 2011 from

Violent Playground released on R2 dvd 16th January 2012 on

Armchair Theatre Volume 3 released on R2 dvd 27th August 2012 on


Please feel free to leave any personal stories/memories you have of Stanley on the Guest Board. If you would like to contact me, again, please leave a message on the Guest Board.

 The new Rhondda Life Community Project - Phase 1 houses the new Sir Stanley Baker Lounge, Sports Bar & Restaurant. 



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