With my services

You could  experience enlightenment,Knowledge,guidance,emotional freedom,spiritual guidance,a sense of Inner peace and healing today.

I have accuracy of  98 % or more. No one is 100 %

Amazingly Accurate,people are amazed  by my insights and precision. My Answers come  from the heart of my spiritual insights. I don't read cards, stones, or any other tool, my insights are from my gifts.  

I am  not an  agency with a circle of readers. I am an  Individual, Genuine,Warm,Caring, Spiritual Reader. Specializing in Love and Relationships,with my Insights I also specialize on Spiritual advice with what ever is going on in your life at the moment. I  have many gifts to help you in your life's journey.

No hidden charges - Always a set donation , you choose which one .

Everyone who emails me for a reading or healing  is special to me , rather you are famous or not , you  will receive a  confidential and personal reading.

If you would like to talk with me and don't' have aol , just download the free aol or aim messenger and add me as a buddie.


Why should I get a reading?

A Spiritual reading can help you achieve the best out of your life and all the situations you may find yourself in. Life  in

itself can be very tricky,and finding your way back onto the right path can take some exploring. Life is a Journey ,

sometimes it can get pretty bumpy . A Spiritual reading could help guide you in the right direction, but remember it is all up to you what chooses you make. A spiritual reading is only to help guide you not tell you what to do.  A Spiritual reading may also help you realize any opportunities you may be overlooking, it could  even give you important information that can put you on a better path in any relationship, be that business or romantic. A Spiritual reading may help  answer the questions that have been eating at you for a while .

 May help with questions such as;

What is he or she really feeling ?

Are they the right one for me?

I'm I on the right career path?

Is there something else I should be doing in my life?

Is my past love one at peace?

So many other questions you may need help with .



Good health is the aim of any sensible human being! If we lose good health,then it is with us most all of the time.Healing is

what we seek when our health is less than perfect,and in a world with billions of people,perfect health is a difficult thing to

achieve for everyone, all of the time!


Physical, mental,emotional and spiritual health are all important aspects of being a whole and healthy person.

Doctors and health practitioners are increasingly aware of holistic approach to health and its many  benefits. Now most

practitioners recognize prevention is as important,if not more important than a cure. And Western and Eastern traditions to

health are growing ever closer,as the benefits of both are integrated to form unified approach to making people feel better.


There are many forms of healing available to us-from Reiki, to acupuncture, from Spiritual healing, to Aromatherapy

massage, the list goes on, and the results are varied.



Reiki is a popular form of healing, based on Tibetan techniques to achieve a healthy mind and body. More on the benefits of Reiki on my Reiki page .


Spiritual Healing

Spiritual healing is when a healer works to heal someone on the spiritual level. More on this on the Reiki and Spiritual healing page. 

By no means does any form of healing mean not to go to your doctor or listen to your doctor's advice. 

Attention Everyone

Welcome to the first page of my website,within my site you will learn alittle about The 

Chakra, Aura, Karma, Spirit Guides, Letting go of the past hurt, basic Medatation ,Reiki and much more . Also you will learn alittle

about me and my readings. 

                             Enjoy my website, I do hope you get something out of it. Attention 

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has helped so many and my goal is for it to keep helping many more to come, but I am needing your help to make this website a premium site and keep

it that way in the future.

Dontaions are more than welcome and needed. If you have enjoyed this site

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 Thank you for your help .  May after you read this site you will leave with Inner peace, and love in your heart,with more understanding. Sending lots of  Love and Light your way .          


some  of the up coming pages I am wanting to write about are, the Seven Archangels, The Seven Angelic Choirs. Opening up to your own Intuition, more on

how to let go of the hurt. The power of Paranoids. The meaning of colors. Working on your inner self , so you can get that right job,the right mate, etc. along

with many more topics . Please remember I welcome  your help on doing this . again Thank you









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