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:^))) currently dying
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Shadowshade:A very nice a loving cat.A black she-cat with glowing green eyes.Snowflight:A cat that complains alot.White she-cat with green eyes.Deathface:A cat that travel clan to clan.A black tom with a white face and red eyes.Bloodclaw:He is the stubbornest of the four warriors.A red tom with red eyes.Raindrop:The noblest of the the four warriors.A blue she-cat with blue eyes.Grassleaf:The sweetest of the four warriors.A green she-cat with green eyes.Starshine:The cutest of the four warriors.A yellow she-cat with yellow eyes.Snaketail:A cat that doesn't talk much.A green tom with a canine that sticks out and yellow eyes.Goldenpelt:A noble cat who's niece is Bloodclaw.A golden cat with amber eyes.Stormcrash:Shadowshade's mate.A gray tom with yellow eyes.Cloverpelt:A very stubborn and noble cat.A green she-cat with green eyes.Furrypelt:A very curious cat.Tan she-cat with amber eyes.Squirreltail:Furrypelt's curious sister.Ginger she-cat with green eyes and a squirrel-like tail.Leopardtail:Furrypelt's and Squirreltail's dead mother.Yellow she-cat with black spots all, over her ears,paws,tail,face,and body and with green eyes.Goldpelt:A joyful cat.Gold she-cat with gold eyes with two ripped ears and 10 scars.All these cats are RainClan except Bloodclaw.Now onto the rouges.Luna:Bloodclaw's mate.A black she-cat with purple eyes.Bloodclaw(Rouge version):He kills cats and steals kits.A red tom with red eyes.Scarface:He is the son of Luna and Bloodclaw.A gray tom with a scar on his face and amber eyes.Now these are the kittypets.Sprite:A cat who is scared of forest cats.A gray tom with green eyes.Bit:A shy and quiet cat.She's the sister of Sprite.A orange she-cat with blue eyes.Pixel:She was a kittypet*Explains the same story of Firestar with differrent charecters*and her name is Twlightstar A.K.A. Twi.

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