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What!? - Smilies

Can You Take The Pressure?

x Prince Vegeta
The_Gravity_Room @

You have entered a restricted area human or whatever weakling you may be - I don't care - the point is that here I make the rules and you're merely a guest who either accepts that or can fuck off for all I care. This is the Gravity Room and that means it's MINE and for my use only. At this point the woman would be screaming her head off at me how she built it, what an arrogant, ungrateful bastard I am and so on - you know the drill - but I'm afraid this is all my work.

You may look around if you think you can take the extreme gravity. Personally I believe it would be quite amusing to see you crushed to the floor and squashed like a pancake *smirks* Humans, such weaklings. Now get out! I'm not planning to spend all day with you, I have some serious training to do! *slams the GR door behind him*

- Vegeta, Prince of All Saiyans

Talk to me if you dare...

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GR Report: The GR will always be humming
Reported by: Prince Vegeta
Date: 01.03.2013

Won't lie to you that I rarely have the time to update the GR these days. Must be a few years by now since I've had the interest for that mainly due to my training schedule. I'll maybe add some new fanfic chapters, but other than that I don't have the time or resources here for things that I want to do. Alas, it is far easier and more convenient to work through my Facebook page since it reaches a greater audience. I recommend you head over there if you're interested in my life, but I will still keep this place alive as well so you needn't fret about that. Just don't expect me to answer your questions in the Prince's Log or Ask Vegeta section. If you have questions follow me on Facebook and ask there.

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GR Report: DBZ Summer Showdown
Reported by: Prince Vegeta
Date: 09.05.2010

What better way to spend your summer than to relive those legendary moments we've all grown to admire in awe. Moments such as the saiyan invasion of Earth, the hunt for dragonballs on Namek, the evolution of Cell and naturally the birth and death of Majin Buu. There is no better way and that is precisely why yours truly, the Prince of All Saiyans, is throwing the first annual DBZ Summer Showdown!

What?   DBZ Summer Showdown is a DBZ-fan event organized by me through my Facebook profile which basically means that starting from June I'll begin my personal DBZ marathon. Depending on my training schedule, I will watch specific episodes during a few days or a week and inform everyone in advance in Facebook which episodes I'll be watching. Afterwards I'll give my two cents about them - my commentary may include such things as pictures, videoclips, personal analysis...etc. All of you can join in on the marathon at any point and also include your own pictures/videoclips/comments...whatever you want. Hell, if one of the episodes brings up a burning question of my, Kakarot, the Woman's or someone else's choices you're free to shoot it, maybe you'll finally get your answer. All commentary will happen through my Facebook profile and everyone's free to join in - except Kakarot.

When?   I will start the marathon June 1st and after my first commentary you're free to join in the game with your own comments. It will last as long as I see fit or run out of episodes.

How?   I will announce on my Facebook profile the episodes that I'll be watching so you can keep up. The marathon will naturally start from DBZ's first episode where Raditz makes his debut. You're free to watch less or more episodes than what I or the others are watching, but keep the commentary on the spotlight episodes, so it doesn't get confusing. If you want to join in, you merely need a Facebook profile and add yours truly as a friend.

DBZ Version?   The DBZ Summer Showdown is going to be based on Funimation's english version simply because that is what most people have available. Comments about original japanese or Ocean dub are welcome as well, but we do not focus on them so not to confuse those who don't have them.

Signing Up?   I will take preliminary enlistments on my Facebook profile, all you have to do is comment there that you're interested to join in - it does not obligate you to do anything now or later, merely gives me a ballpark number how many want to go through the marathon. You're free to invite friends to the marathon, they merely need to have a FB-account and add me on their Friends-list.

Questions?   All questions concerning the DBZ Summer Showdown are welcome. Either ask me on my Facebook profile or send me a personal message.

Now go get your DVDs ready, it's gonna be a long intense summer full of super saiyan fury. I for one... have some serious training to do *smirks*

- Vegeta, the Prince of All Saiyans -

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GR Report: Facebook be afraid... be very afraid
Reported by: Prince Vegeta
Date: 30.03.2010

Well it's been a long time since my last report, but like you must've noticed I've never taken down my GR, nor do I plan to do that. Enough said about that.

Like some of you might have noticed, yours truly is now present also in Facebook and so it'll be a lot easier for all of you to stay connected with the Prince of all Saiyans if you so wish. Add me if you wish. One rule - just remember it's a Kakarot-free zone!

That's all for now. I'll get into the updates later.

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GR Report: Marco...Polo?
Reported by: Prince Vegeta
Date: 18.01.2008

No, I am not dead nor gone as some of you have speculated. Personally I find it rather amusing that you people would think so. Not just because I'm the Prince of All Saiyans and it takes one hell of a warrior just to give me a bruise, but also because as those of you whom have stuck by since I first opened my GR doors to the public know, I have ever since upgraded it only when and if I felt like it. I still answer to the emails that some of you nosey humans have the irresistable urge of sending me and more often than that you can catch me in Yahell's wreck of a messenger if your matter is that of urgency. And no, asking my favorite movie or ice cream flavor is not a matter of urgency!

Aside from that, a lot of interesting things have developed over the passing months. My training schedule is as intense as ever, if not more so, but it has given its just rewards as well. As far as DBZ GT Legends goes, has that turned thrilling or what. Those of you who're a part of our loyal audience know all about the fate of my daughter and that miserable little mudball of a planet some of you call Earth. Not to mention the aspect of Vegeta Jr. involved - the woman doesn't accept that name. I don't care. The kid looks exactly like me, so ignore her. If you haven't kept in touch I suggest you do now. Things are about to heat up.

I haven't forgotten about my loyal saiyans on Vegetasei, fear not. The planet is still alive and kicking with pure saiyan fury. You may expect your Prince to arrive shortly once the matters behind the scenes get settled. Untill then, keep that Ki burning strong.

As far as upgrades go, I'm doing some behind the scenes improvements to the model, including cutting the ad amount to a minimum and making the email addresses more Spambot-Free. There might be big changes ahead, there might not. Depends entirely on how things evolve for my GR's main computer. Improvements at the very least, though rest assured, it is a time consuming process. Now's your chance to throw me those ideas and wishes what you'd like to see in here. When I start working on the next upgrades, I might just have time for yours. Just be sure to take out the spaces before and after the @ character of the email addresses that've now been edited to prevent spambot abuse. Also, if you put up "The Gravity Room: insert-your-topic-here" as your topic of the email (for example, "The Gravity Room: question about fanfics") it will be less likely sent to the trashcan as junkmail.

Suppose that's all I have to say right now. I still check in here weekly, so feel free to leave me a shout on the Gravitron. As for now, training calls.

GR Report: Back in Action
Reported by: Prince Vegeta
Date: 20.12.2006

Return of the Prince so to speak.

As some of you must've noticed, some unfortunate things came to pass and therefore I was unable to pull a Christmas theme this year. Long rant short, got frustrated with my old computer and it got blasted in the next dimension. Was left without one for a while before I made the woman start building a new one. She cursed thru it naturally, but here we are once again *smirks*

The GR's Christmas gift to you, hm? Well how does 6 - yes, 6 - chapters of Tempest's Lab Monkey sound? *smirks* Not too bad if you ask me, after all she always delivers what we desire most.

Another change is that after considering the results of the poll I had up for a while I thought I might as well put up the damn question board so many of you seemed to want. So here you have it - Ask Vegeta - is now up and running. All questions will be answered there, but just don't expect the answer to always be what you want to hear. And yes, a grunt is an answer too in my book, so no whining about that if that happens.

Other than that I'm ready for some training now. More updates coming as soon as my operating system is fully completed.

GR Report: Pissed Off Lady Fortune
Reported by: Prince Vegeta
Date: 10.10.2006

Yes yes, I know it's been a while, but what can you do. Sometimes life deals you a bad hand and you have to manage with the cards Lady Fortune grants you. I've been doing just that and that'd also be why I have not had the time to upgrade my precious GR for a while.

You need not fret though for that little time off actually gave all of you a chance to vote in the poll presented on the main page. Seeing as many of you wish for the question board could be one will be added and some fics will be updated. Those of you who've been around for a longer while know by now to be patient - my training always comes first after all - but they should also know my word gets delivered. Still not too late to voice your opinion about possible update ideas if you have one - just email them to me and perhaps yours becomes a part of this place.

You also might have noticed that the Gravitron was down for a while, but fear not, the bug has now been fixed and should not be a problem anymore. As for now, I must go deal with Lady Fortune's bad hand.

GR Report: Hot enough for you?
Reported by: Prince Vegeta
Date: 10.07.2006

When the heat of the summer gets to you what do you do? Well I don't know about you humans and what not, but as for myself there's no place like my GR. More pressure for each month of the season, make no mistake.

Some of you may have already heard of the one piece of news that's more than full of saiyan intensity. Yes, humans and other creatures of the universe, Vegetasei is back in action and more intense than ever. New faces, new challenges and of course, new fights - pride, honor and power to your hearts content *smirks* Hear the Oozaru roar.

Here's the treat I'd been promising for several weeks and if you've been lusting after those fanfics, is it a delicious one. Tempest delivers once more bringing you the final chapters of "At Odds" and not just one, two or three but four chapters of everyone's favorite "Lab Monkey". It is getting interesting, so be sure to check those out. Also, we have a few new authors under pressure. One-shot fics "Naked Nostalgia" brought to you by Silver Lady and "But Why Him?" by Rinn Lykos.

What would happen if this miserable mudball got invested by a mysterious illness that not even the Z-fighters can avoid? Yes, I was curious myself, so last, but certainly not least, the GR is proud to give you "Another Lifetime" by Queen Saiyajin. Once again it'd seem we cannot avoid time travelling, but will the consequences be more difficult than we're ready to accept?

Some upgrade ideas have been tossed my way already, so keep them coming. Be sure to keep an eye on the GR for upgrades - you never know when that'll happen. As for now though, I need to finish with my push-ups.

Suppose that should be enough. I've already wasted enough training time on talking. All praises, requests, bitching, challenges and other shit may still be sent to me via e-mail or via IM. Talk to me if you dare...

GR Report: Add to the Pressure
Reported by: Prince Vegeta
Date: 08.06.2006

Yes yes, I know it's been a while since I have upgraded my GR, but like many of you must've learned by now, my training always comes first. So, least to say I have been doing a lot of that during the last six months, barely taking breaks to even eat or sleep. Alright fine, I came out of the GR a few times to shut up the woman, but that's about it *snorts*

As for this summer, I've been considering whether or not to give my GR a fresh new look. It's a major project though, so nothing has been been decided yet, but we'll see. For that I'll now give you people a chance to speak your mind. What would you like to see in my training room? I'm open for ideas, so feel free to send them to me. Could be yours will be executed, so speak up.

For now though, training calls.

GR Report: More Pressure for 2006
Reported by: Prince Vegeta
Date: 31.12.2005 - 01.01.2006

I have returned. Seems the humans' tree and gift celebration passed my training room this year, but that's just the way I like it. The woman has already been making me attend those ridiculous celebrations long enough. At least the year changing will provide something better. Granted, the woman did upgrade my Gravitron and also provided me with some interesting "toys" *smirks* Indeed, my training hours should be far more challenging now with those new training bots. She swore they would last longer than a day too, so I'm looking forward to proving her wrong.

Anyway, back to the topic. Last year was quite a challenging one and I only expect more things from 2006. New things are coming along with the usual updates. One of the bonuses to come would be a new story of the ever so talented Tempest. Don't you just love it how wonderfully she brings out my evil, ruthless, bastard nature? *smirks* Not to mention other things... *growls low and licks lips* Well, before that comes you can take your frustration out on another chapter of Lab Monkey.

Since this is a tin can that follows and goes by the rules of technology, naturally you can expect some difficulties with its system from time to time. In reference to that, a few broken links have been taken care of (credits to Tin for reporting) and as for some of the pics not showing, it's just about bandwith allowance. Those should be back up in time. Might add some new doujinshi too later if there's enough interest. Voice/Voice Bodies are available for the most part for instance.

Nothing more to say, but the GR's regards for 2006. Another year, new fights *smirks*

[::..Can you take the pressure?..::]

GR Report: Return of the Prince
Reported by: Prince Vegeta
Date: 02.12.2005

No, I am not dead as some of you have wondered. Haven't done much in a few months here, yes, I'm perfectly aware of it myself without having to be reminded of it. Reasons? Not that I'd need one since I upgrade the GR when and if I feel like it, but to say I've been busy would be a serious understatement. So yes, training my tail off to reach new levels of superiority and though I say it myself, doing a damn good job in it as well *smirks*

Now, since we've got that out of the way I shall inform you about another thing that you've been asking about, that being the Christmas Calendar we had last year. Well, this year I have none, but will throw something for the holidays anyway, I suppose. Keep an eye on the GR during december if you're curious.

As for other updates I will shortly add more chapters to the fanfics. I know you've been tormented by those *smirks* So no need to freat, updates are coming. As for now, I shall return to my training.

GR Report: Muses at Work
Reported by: Prince Vegeta
Date: 20.08.2005

Well haven't I got a treat for all you fanfic enthusiasts *smirks* I've been asked of the updates by more than just a few of you and now I'm happy to give you just that. Not only is there another chapter to "Advent Children" but also the next 4 chapters to "At Odds". I know you've been waiting for those, so enjoy.

Also, do notice that the GR now has a new mail address. If any of you have sent anything in the old ( one, then I have not received it. The new mail address has been changed in the contact info, along with the links. In the future, you can contact me via for all matters concerning the GR. Before sending attachments though, ask me first! As for my other address, ( I will not accept any attachment emails there. They will be deleted automatically, so don't send any there. Be patient with my reply - I have more than just a few things going on, so don't expect me to get back to you right away.

GR Report: Unspeakable
Reported by: Prince Vegeta
Date: 04.07.2005

Not much to say now. Just been dealing with a lot of shit and trained myself to the brink of exhaustion like always. However, managed to find time to bring you an update for Advent Children. Enough said.

GR Report: The Fans Strike Back
Reported by: Prince Vegeta
Date: 04.06.2005

Well finally my harsh training schedule is behind me and it's time for some well deserved rest. Not for too long of course - training always comes first. Just enough to let all the new power sink in *smirks*

Even though I've been occupied by my workout, seems as though the fans have still found some time to present all of you with some new art. Additions in the fanart albums by both myself and new artists would be new, along with another story by myself. This is a project that has been on my mind for a longer period of time and now by both personal inspiration and partially by request, I chose to put it into action. We shall see where that takes us. The Prologue is currently up.

As I have more time I'll be working on something new, but for now, training calls.

GR Report: The Frozen GR
Reported by: Prince Vegeta
Date: 20.05.2005

Well seems as though everyone were quick to find their way back into my gravity room even after a break that long. And here I thought I could actually train in peace for a while *rolls eyes* Figures...

Oh well, seems my reputation is growing fast if the tin can actually froze. Like you must've noticed, there was a note about my place being "Frozen". For furture reference, for those of you who don't know what that means, it's that the GR exceeded its monthly bandwith allowance. Or in other words, there was too much traffic in my GR for the Gravitron to handle, so it had to take a break and close itself down. Too many people too fast hasn't been a problem in the past, but like said, seems more and more creatures find their way here these days, so it could be the place will freeze again.

You needn't worry though. It will always be back. When, that depends on the reset date, which you can inquire thru myself if it's a matter of life and death. Keep in mind though that we do have the GR group for that as well. Lots of things going on in there lately in fact. To mention one, the woman and myself's IM Sagas will be added there. We've gotten into some interesting situations, so that's definitely worth looking into. Also, provides you a place to chat with fellow GR members. Both myself and the woman stop by there from time to time as well. Anyone can join so long as you have a Yahoo! ID, which you can also create while you're there.

Been working on some upgrades as well, but at the moment my time's rather limited. I will have things done probably starting from june though. Suppose now is as good time as any to send requests to me concerning what you'd want to see here. You've got a whole week to think about it. Multimedia is off limits though since that would take all the space on my gravitron and consume my bandwith allowance as well.

Suppose that covers it for now. I need to get back to my training anyway. So much work to be done, so little time.

GR Report: Surrender
Reported by: Prince Vegeta
Date: 30.03.2005

In exchange for a smirk from myself, Tempest delivers her promises and brings you another thrilling chapter of Lab Monkey *smirks* More than worth it, most definitely...

GR Report: The Lost Movie
Reported by: Prince Vegeta
Date: 20.03.2005

Finally something in the X-File. I will add some of my reports there from now on. The first one is one that I made about the infamous "Lost Movie" that's always arisen questions with a few screenshots. More to come about other movies/tv specials and DVD releases as I find the time from my busy training schedule.

GR Report: Blasting, Training...whatever...
Reported by: Prince Vegeta
Date: 02.03.2005

After a lot of arguing with myself (and the woman) I finally chose to take a small break from my training, which is currently taking most of my time with the new, even more intense schedule. Though it's most challenging and consuming, I'm at least pleased that it's proving to be quite productive and there's been progress. I'd say it's more straining on a mental than physical level, but no challenge is too great that I can't conquer, I'll be sure to prove that...assuming the woman won't disable the GR again... *rolls eyes and mutters things under breath*

Other than training, I've been occupied to send some in the next dimension since it seems there're still more than a few bakas who have the unquenchable need to prove their stupidity to the rest of the world. I'm of course talking about the pathetic creatures who've come harassing others here in the Gravitron and the Log. Fools... *snorts* It's beyond me what makes them think their lives would be spared. No matter. If some need to prove they're idiots, then whenever the higher powers dump a new load of shit on us, those bakas are just a nice reminder for the rest of us just how badly things could really be, ne? *smirk* Puts things in a whole new perspective, truly.

After a well deserved break (due to personal reasons - the GR congratulates) Tempest has finally found time from her busy schedule to grace you with new thrilling chapters for both At Odds and Lab Monkey. Chapters 13-15 are now up for AO and chapters 18 and 19 for LM - enjoy. As for the RPG Library, I've gotten some positive feedback so I may add something new later. We'll see since only a few have stated their opinion so far. Also added a new link to a fellow saiyan's - Tarma from Vegetasei - Training Grounds. If you think you can take on the challenge, then do take a round with her or someone else you may find wandering around the sparring grounds.

As for myself, I shall now return to my own training. Gotta a lot of work to do and time's running out...

GR Report: RPG Library
Reported by: Prince Vegeta
Date: 16.01.2005

Recently I happened to go thru my files and came across with some of my old mission reports. Some of them I had forgotten to even have experienced, but it was quite amusing to go thru them again. Anyway, I chose to put some of my old work in the RPG folder for either your enjoyment or displeasure - pick one, I don't care either way. I may or may not add more of them in the future. We shall see - depends a lot about their popularity. I also added new fanart by Sweetestangel. That's about it for now. Time for me to return to my training.

GR Report: More Pressure For 2005
Reported by: Prince Vegeta
Date: 04.01.2005

Yet another year of merciless training is successfully behind me and what I plan for this year should be no different. No, actually scratch that - the only difference is that I plan to train even harder than before. Great battles lie ahead in a few short months and I will do everything in my power to conquer them. It will be difficult, but like a true warrior I rise to answer the challenge and embrace it. Just bring it *smirks*

As for my precious Gravity Room, the year was most productive. It was used more than ever and the upgrades have been running flawlessly. Granted, the Gravitron has messed up a few times, but everything that runs must break sooner than later. No matter. I'll just get the woman the fix it. My training comes before her little test tubes and bolts.

I'm also very proud to say that the number of people I've sent on their way in the next dimension has increased dramatically. Seems there're a lot of weaklings in the universe who're stupid enough to think they can mess with me in my own training room. Well, anyone who's been around for a longer time knows better *smirks* Kami, they've even given the bakas a friendly warning, but why should they care if the loser chooses to ignore it? Well rest assured, the bakas do not live very long. Disrespect is something I have zero tolerance for. This is ~my~ training room, not yours. You're mere guests here and if you piss me off then I merely dispose of you - there is no forgiveness. You should know better than to oppose Vegeta.

We shall see what lies ahead for the GR as far as this year goes. No doubt something new and intriguing whenever I take a break from training - it always comes first. New year, new fights no doubt. Which reminds me...I need to test run the new upgrade *smirks and goes* Don't do anything stupid...I'll be watching...

GR Report: Stupid Human Holidays...
Reported by: Prince Vegeta
Date: 01.12.2004

Well I can only assume you humans know what time of the year it is *rolls eyes* unfortunately... My mate never shuts about it and Kami, it tended to drive the Princess and the boy even more crazy and annoying than they usually were when they were brats *snorts* Personally I will never understand it. You literally wait for some fat man dressed in red to bring you presents for no reason at all? Feh! *snorts a laugh* Baka humans. There's no way that old weakling could do it even if he had super speed like myself *smirks* Then again, if I were doing his job you can bet your ass it wouldn't be presents you were getting *smirks evilly* Well...not ordinary presents anyway.

Anyway... *crosses arms* I chose to acknowledge this foolish holiday anyway since the woman agreed to give me an upgrade for it. Therefore I present to you, The GR's Christmas Calendar where each day I will think back to the highlights of my incredible career as the Supreme Fighter of the Universe *smirks* So there you have it, *waves a hand* Knock yourselves out *snorts* I'm going to train...

GR Report: Train for the Future
Reported by: Prince Vegeta
Date: 14.10.2004

As of late I've been training even more intensively than before. Of course I don't mind, but it does take a lot of my time. What better way to spend it though? *smirks* Just means that's about all I'll be doing. I've set a new, even more challenging training program for myself and it will last for a full six months at least. I'm looking forward to seeing where it can go - I certainly have high expectations for it even though it's uncertain how much I will gain from it. Sure the woman bitched a few words about it, but eventually she went along with it. Better that way since I prefer to have my mechanic around when and if the GR gets busted *smirks*

Challenges are what I live for and this is an intriguing one. Many things stand in my way, but we shall see what happens. I'm not known for giving up and that shall not happen this time either. Time's always against me, but sacrifices must be made. I know it will pay off in the end - sooner or later. The challenge has been accepted and I already feel my blood boil *smirks* Let the games begin...

GR Report: Declaring War on the Gullwings
Reported by: Prince Vegeta
Date: 23.09.2004

The Gullwings have crossed me for the last fucking time *lips draw back into a snarl* This afternoon my mate informed me of something she noticed *crosses arms* Something that did not please me one bit. As some of you may remember, when the lizards caused all kinds of shit here in the Gravity Room and were blasted in the next dimension, then the Gullwings arrived *narrows eyes* So what did 'their leader' do? He began to fight the lizards on his own as if it was his battle to be fought - even though they'd already been taken care of *snorts* NO ONE interferes with my fights - I can handle them on my own, so for him to step in like a mercenary without asking for permission was an insult. Blasting a few lizards is like shooting fish in a barrel and Gullwing made it something it was not, but most of all, took my battle as his own and that is unforgivable *growls*

Anyway, as I reminded him of his position and told him to back off, he did. However, not before it had to be said to him more than once *sneers* I knew I wouldn't see the last of him and now he pulled his most infuriating stunt yet. Like you may know, Gullwing has already COPIED my mate's layout - it's exactly the same as's layout with the exception of the colors of the borders. He never asked - just took what he wanted and stole other people's work. Then what is his next stunt? He goes to Ego Trip X, which I'm sure many of you know and steals the Fight -section there. I could not believe his audacity when I noticed. He just went there and took another idea that didn't belong to him and made it his. Then, today it came to it. He did the same to me *hisses in anger* That bastard actually came here and stole my Log! Never asked if it was alright - never said a word and just took the idea and made it his just like with the other things he stole *growls and clenches fists* In my opinion that is not only pathetic, but disrespectful as well.

So... *raises his narrowed eyes to Gullwing and snarls* If he's truly that pathetic that he can't create an interesting site on his own, then tough, but I refuse to let ~MY~ ideas and work to be stolen and taken an advantage of *points his index finger at Gullwing* You can stay the HELL AWAY from the GR if all you do is steal others' work and make it yours! *growls* I blast the pathetic creatures that steal my work and you crossed the line! You had several chances to back off, but you did not! It is NOT my problem if you're incapable of creating something original on your site, but show some Kami damned respect for our work! It's no different than you going to some multi million company's site and stealing their layout. You know what the difference is? They'd sue your ass for it *snorts* I blast you for it *growls*

Congratulations Gullwings *narrows eyes* You just made it to my Black List with the lizards *sneers*

GR Report: All Ice-jins Final Flashed in the Next Dimension
Reported by: Prince Vegeta
Date: 24.08.2004

Well like some of you must've noticed, we had somewhat a vermin problem here in the GR. So, long story short the ice-jins you know as Frieza, his bastard of a father King Cold, Cooler, Frieza's apparently long lost sister and a bunch of their snake friends came in here thinking they could just take over the place. Well to put it simply *clears throat and narrows eyes* WRONG!

So what happened is they got blasted for good in the Log and then the lizards got in the taste of harassing everyone in the Gravitron. It was an all out war, I'll tell you that. Too bad the lizards didn't realize the fact that there aren't people more determined to win a fight than myself *smirks* I go to the bitter end if I must, so that's what happened also this time. So I kept blasting the bastard ice-jins and their friends' comments until they gave up. Victory for night one for Vegeta *smirks*

However they returned the next day, so as I was cursing all the ice-jins in the 7th pit of Hell, my mate happened to overhear and came over to see what was my problem. Well like you all should know, she's the one who fixes my Gravity Room whenever I manage to blow it up or simply need an upgrade. Well she was appalled at the lizards' behaviour so she took her wrench and started to tinker with the computer of my gravity machine. I was towering over her the whole time and questioning what the hell she was doing, but she didn't give much away.

Anyway, when she finished and turned back to me she had that smirk on her lips that I know all too well. She had done something of which she obviously was very proud of. Well granted, this time it is quite useful. She did some fine adjusting with the gravitron and actually denied access to it from all the lizards. Imagine my surprise when I noticed that it actually worked and I didn't have to keep wasting my energy by blasting them all the time. Once again proves why she is my mate *smirks* She both fixes the GR when I need it and gets rid of annoying lizards. Not too bad from a weak and bitchy blue haired woman.

The lizards of course aren't off the hook yet. They managed to piss me off and by doing that, a lot of other saiyans as well. You mess with one of us, you mess with all of us - with saiyans that's most definitely true *smirks* So run and hide while you can ice-jins *crosses arms* not that it makes a difference though - no one can escape a saiyan's wrath.

And for future reference *narrows eyes* This incident once again proves that if you don't follow the rules you WILL get kicked out and there is NO forgiveness. You don't get second chances with me. This is MY training room and you are guests *grunts* Breaking the rules once is one times too many - I suggest you don't forget that.

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