The Stargazers' Group of Mississauga

Come stargaze with us.

****   We will be observing Earth Hour on Saturday, March 24, 2018  at J.C. Saddington Park at the bottom of Mississauga Road, in the South Parking Lot from around 8:30pm.  *****Look here for future observing sessions.****                                       

Pictures from Observing Sessions - click on Photo Gallery (at left). Details of Observing Sessions see Observing Log


We are a group of stargazers who want to encourage others to take up the hobby and join us at our stargazing sessions. We also do outreach and public education including sidewalk stargazing sessions and presentations to adult and children’s groups.

You don’t need a telescope or stargazing experience start on your voyage to the stars – just time to come out and join us. If you want help using a telescope you already own or to purchase one, email us and we can meet with you at Saddington Park or one of our sidewalk sessions. If you have any questions or comments or want to be added to our email notification list, please contact us through the guestbook or our email

We stargaze whenever the sky is clear and we are available to go out. Saturday nights are usually reserved for Saddington Park. Check the space above for announcements of when we are going out.

2 254 "Galileo Moments" (first time observers) generated in 2009 at 43 observing sessions!

Recent Observing Sessions

 Mar 12, 2012









Feb 1, 2012



Dec 2, 2011 - 60 people saw Jupiter and the moon at the Metro Clarkson's Crossings parking lot. 



Mar 14 2011 - Our sidewalk session at Metro Clarkson drew 42 people to see the moon.




 Jan 22 on a very cold night at Saddington. Notice Marc's new ice huts. People always ask how we can observe in winter. This is one answer.



 2010 Dec 20 - Lunar Eclipse at Saddington Park

Thank you Francis for the photo. More Photos in Photo Gallery.












The picture below was taken by Jarret Hather at Port Credit library, July 31, 2009 . See the links section for more of Jarrett's photography. 



Check this page any night for a Go/No stargazing decision (dependent on weather conditions). 

Bring your binoculars or telescope
If you have equipment that you would like to learn how to use or use better, feel free to bring it along. A firm GO/ NO GO will be issued around 7:00 pm.

Saddington South is open  The South parking lot at Saddington Park is open - enter by continuing south on Mississauga Road past Lakeshore and into the second parking lot.



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