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Spunknit’s Knitted Snowman


Materials:  Sport weight yarn.  Small amounts in desired colors for accessories & accents

Size 5 Dpns

Fiberfill stuffing


Gauge is not important.




Body - Cast on 20 sts, join in circle.  K 3 rnds.  Inc 10 sts evenly over next rnd = 30 sts.  K for 16 rnds.  Dec 10 sts evenly over next rnd = 20 sts.  K 3 rnds.  Inc 5 sts evenly over next rnd = 25 sts.  K for 10 rnds.  Dec 5 sts evenly over next rnd = 20 sts.  K 1 rnd.  K2 tog around = 10 sts.  Thread tail through remaining sts on ndl twice. 













Weave in ends.  Add facial features using cross-stitches or duplicate stitch, using small amounts of accent yarn.  Add buttons also, if desired, in the same manner. Fill with stuffing, then pull tight to close.  The scarf will help make the shapes more round.











This is where you can have lots of fun!  I've given a basic hat & scarf pattern, but I've also included a photo some of my experiments with different styles. 


Hat - Cast on 25 sts, join in circle.  Work in K1 P1 rib for 16 rnds, K2 tog on next rnd.  Thread tail through remaining sts twice, pull tight.  Weave in ends.  Stuff if desired.  Roll up brim & sew to head of snowman. 












Scarf - Cast on 4 sts.  Work in I-cord for 6 inches.  Weave tail through sts.  Tie ends in knots, leaving ¼ inch tails.  With a sharp needle, separate yarn plies for fringe.   Alternative – Braid 3 strands together for 6 inches, finish as above.


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