Where yetis roam free, unless theyre not free...

Hello all

In this website  I have decided to create a focus more on advanced pneumatic launchers and complex designs, because there is a lack of them.  I hope you all enjoy the website and find it useful. 

 I have also added a couple of pages with my interests and all that stuff just for the fun of it.

The my art page hasnt got any of my good/cool art in it at the moment because it is either in my journal at school or I cant download it (I dont know why!) but should be up in a while!

The site is nowhere near finished yet, so take a look every once in a while, and see what I've been up to

Happy days....



My latest cannon in progress:


(If there's nothing there, Im not doing anything! )


Oh yeah, some legal stuff...

Anything you see on this website or think you see on it and decide to build is completely at your own risk and nobody else can be held liable for your actions, not even a Yeti!


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