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I'm A Travelin Man

I'm a Travelin Man Featured in Encyclopedia Britannica Online
as the Tennessee Walking Horse breed representative

Encyclopedia Chooses " I'm A Travelin Man" Lite-Shod Champion Tennessee Walking Horse to represent the breed in the first complete update of it's equine section in over 50 years. I'm A Travelin Man a beautiful 16.1 hand dappel grey stallion will represent the breed in Encyclopedia Britanica's Equine section. "Trav" has been shown with extensive success. Wins in Light Shod 2 and 3 gait also one of the few Walking Horse Stallions trained in Dressage. He has made a lasting impression not only with his show record, but with the quality of his offspring. Our goal has been to get the athletic, natural gaited walker with a good disposition and intelligence to be a solid trail and versatility horse with the beauty and ability of a champion in the show ring. We believe "Trav" is producing that type of foal. We would invite you to come visit with us, take a look for yourself and see if our breeding program is right for your mares.


Every one with the equine gene..(you know, that tug in your heart that "straight" people don't understand?)...well, those of us blessed or cursed with this, know about that special horse feeling.

Trav is my special horse. Sought after, found, begged for, pursued, begged for...acquired. At a low point for me, the woman from whom he was purchased, regretting his sale, phoned..asking THE question. "What would it take to buy him back? Name your price"...and the answer was "Not everything in your best mutual fund." Even though, believe me, it would have been a smart thing to do at the time.

And so, he has stayed..never promoted enough to become an item, but still finding his way, thru recommendations, to the pages of the Encyclopedia Britannica as the horse representing the TWH breed. Taken from semi retirement to win classes in Western and Lite Shod 3 gait..and of course, producing lovely foals.

In the almost 13 years he has been mine, he has impressed everyone who has seen him, with his manners and his personality. When they talk about class and style, they are talking about "I'm a Travelin' Man".

He is 20 now...but not giving away the number by any physical deterioration...a little arthritis, that's all. He is sound, smart and healthy...interested in his mares...and yours.

There has never been a moment when I have regretted his presence or purchase.

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Stud fee: $500. lfg/shipped semen + $200. collection/ship fee.

Marilyn Altman, Grant Park, Illinois 815-955-6554