Spiritual Science

Experiential knowing

God as Omnipresence

 In our studies of spiritual science we acknowledge first the fundamental of Life itself which is Spirit, the essence of our being. Spiritual or divine science is the study of spiritual truth or divine knowledge - the primary laws and principles which inhere within and govern consciousness. In classical theology we assume the native characteristics of 'God' (Spirit) as Omnipresent, Omniscient and Omnipotent. Since all that exists has come out of Eternal Spirit as its divine Source and inheres within it, and this Spirit is Infinite and all-prevading, we begin with the Truth of divine Presence and Power as ever-present everywhere. We recognize that Creator and Creation are One whose origin and expression is divine Good. In Omnipresence is all Perfection and Power where Life continues to evolve and express itself in infinite forms and variety as Creation.


God as Light

 In the Nature of Light is all knowledge, cognition, consciousness, revelation, truth...for Omniscience is the Light from which all things are born, have their existence and are known. Light is the substance from which all creation is formed, the essence of all that is true. Light pervades all, includes all. All generations of existence are born from Light.


God as Love

 The innate Nature and motive of Omnipresent Spirit is Love. Divine Will born from Infinite Good is ever nourishing, gracious, kind, benevolent, just and merciful. Love manifests its inherent goodness within all creation centering it in divine Will. Spirit is ever releasing currents and dispensations of salvation, redemption and healing as these terms are understood by Man bringing him into harmony with his divine Source. Spiritual science affirms however that in Omnipresence there is always already eternal Wholeness and Perfection and awakening to this Truth is what brings Man into his original inheritance.


God as Truth

Truth represents what is Actual, Real, True, Existential. Only Spirit is Original, Absolute, Eternal, Infinite, Omnipresent, the Sum and Substance of all that is Being. God Alone is Divine Reality.


God as Spirit

Spirit is translated as 'wind' or 'breath', but we expand it to include the animating Life, energy and inherent Intelligence, the originating Essence behind all form, the governing Wisdom of Life, the principle of Being. Infinite Spirit pervades the Totality of Existence and is the Life and Truth of everything. In the Omnipresence of Infinite Spirit is Life and Liberty.


God as Mind

As we consider the immensity and diversity of Creation we behold God as Infinite Intelligence, the Mind behind all. This Mind is the Architect of Creation, expressing its divine Ideas and Ideals both in essence and form thru-out Eternity. Out of this Cosmic MIND is born every good and divine creation, ever unfolding.