We-ha-li Dv-ga (Eagle Soars)



The Great Spirit
by Tammy Knott on Aug 28

The Great Spirit
Mother Earth

Come sit
while Mother Earth
tells the
story of
her native sons
and daughters

The Cherokee Nation
lived in peace till
The white man
came forcing
them from
their land

Mother Earth
wept for her
native sons and
The Great Spirit
called many of
them home
on the trail of
tears they had
to walk

Now Cherokee Nation
Must be reborn
to reclaim their lands
and set right
what was wronged

The Great Spirit
watches over
guiding their footsteps
as they carry on

Mother Earth cradles
Native sons and
daughters till
Cherokee Nation
is once again

O si yo and Tsi lu gi (hello) (welcome)

"Indian blood is like gold...
No matter how thinly it is spun
It still shines just as brightly."

Chief Carl Grey Owl Griggs
Northern Cherokee Nation


Cherokee Traveler's Greeting

I will draw thorns from your feet.

We will walk the White Path of Life together.

Like a brother of my own blood,
I will love you.

I will wipe tears from your eyes.

When you are sad,
I will put your aching heart to rest.

About this site

My heritage consists of Cherokee and German. I am fascinated and very proud of my Cherokee heritage. I wanted to create a site where I could explore and share my findings on the Cherokee Nation.  As you navigate my website you will find images of the Cherokee people and artifacts. You will read articles I have written on them and Native Americans in general. Also, I have created tags of Cherokee images and have put them on display. Finally I will post poems that I have written on my people. Soon I plan on having a registration form so that others with Cherokee heritage can join and contribute to the site. There will be a member’s page with each person’s picture and bio. So come on in and look around! I hope to also learn some of my native language so that I may share it with you as well.


May the Great Spirit watch over you


God Bless






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