Snake Pit Entertainment

Adventure Game Developement


Eric Peters leaves his home town of Hanford, Maine, to relocate to East Biure, Maine, to start his new job and a new life on his own. He leaves behind his father and younger brother, Michael.
Soon after settling in his new apartment, Eric, to his horrific suprise, realizes that he is only one of the billions of people around the world about to whitness the start of a zombie apocalypse.
Being stranded in East Biure and abandoned by almost every survivor he meets, Eric must survive as long as he can and find any means of travelling his way back to Hanford Village to make sure his family is safe... if it's not too late.


I've got the main storyline and a bunch of ideas written down.

I'm not saying anything for sure, but I've been putting a lot of thought into this game lately. I've been brewing up ideas and am very excited about it.
But for the sake of this game's future, I'm not going to say whether or not I will be starting production.