Bathtub Refinishing Vancouver, WA

Does Your Refinished Tub Need a Final Buffing?

Bathtub and shower refinishing, to use a clumsy metaphor, is like an automotive paint job... but for your bathtub. There are some parallels, in that special types of coatings are used, curing is important, surface preparation is vital, and last but certainly not least, the importance of having a true professional do the job rather than it being a DIY job.

Bathtub and shower refinishing can generally be completed in either one or two days. The one thing that separates the one-day job from the two-day job is the final buffing.

Surface particles account for the “buffing” question. Some refinishing companies exclude that final buffing, saying that since they already took up most care with the refinishing process, buffing is not needed. Other refinishing companies say that it is impossible to achieve a perfect finish the first time around.

Two of the biggest bathtub and shower refinishing companies in the United States each has a different approach to the question of final buffing, and their views on the matter are representative of many other refinishing companies, independents included, in the industry.

The Case for Final Buffing

The average house is not a controlled environment. Some examples of controlled environments are the factory where a bathtub received its initial dip coat, or to continue the automotive analogy, a paint shop. Houses are clouded with pet hair, human hair, detritus, lint, dust, and simply all of this other junk littering our environments. As such, miniscule particles will reside on the finish coat, making the coat something less than perfectly smooth.

 "If those particles are not buffed out, they are buffed out by the homeowner’s behind.”  In most cases particles break off from being scuffed, causing chips in the surface.

Second visit necessary for buffing due to curing time.

  • Home impossible to rid of particles that can contaminate coating.
  • Most homeowners understand that this is a multi-day process.