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Sover Rein - Equine Rescue Supply Donation

Welcome to the Sover Rein website!

What is Sover Rein?
Sover Rein is a small organization dedicated to assisting equine rescue organizations and individuals. We supply each individual rescue with the items they need at the time they need them free of charge. Each approved rescue or individual has acess to our supply list annually. At this time we are only allowing each rescue to request supplies from our list, once every 2 months. Due to the limitations in funds at this time we have a limited supply list. Each individual or rescue organization is asked to submit a thorough informative over view of their organization. This over view, upon permission, will be added to the sover rescue list so the public can view it. At this time Sover Rein is only allowing local rescues to apply. If you rescue horses or run an organization, and it's hosted in Sonoma County, we encourage you to fill out an application!

Sover Rein in the Future
We have a few growing goals that we wish to achieve sometime in the future. Below is a list of our goals.

- Establish an extensive items list, including vet and farrier services offered from approved vets and farriers. Including discounts for all Sover listed rescuers.
- Supply Rescues statewide (California)
- Local tack and feed store discounts to all Sover listed rescuers.
The list goes on and on, but those are the main goals here at Sover Rein.

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