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Halloween Season Is Starting!

Posted by southernmooncreations on September 20, 2011 at 5:15 PM

Hello people!  What a great season this has been so far!  The re-release of the Sailor Moon manga, the release of the Sailor V manga for the first time, all those neat Sailor Moon shirts at Hot Topic and the debut of the Sailor Moon costume!

I'm so excited to see Sailor Moon popping up all over the place again!

But that costume reminded me.......

Each I've been experience a huge increase in orders during October.  In an effort to try and keep it manageable this year I've decided to put the Etsy storefront on vacation for all of October.  All order placed on Etsy during the month of September are assured to arrived by Halloween, within reason, despite the store vacation.

Otherwise, any orders placed during October will not be guaranteed for arrival dates.  I assure everyone that I will continue to work as hard and fast as possible but, in keeping with my policy I've had for the past five years during this month, I won't promise arrival dates.  So, please, do not try to place an order during the last week of October and tell me you need it for the 31st.  In the past I've heard excuses ranging from "I will pay you twice the amount of the order" to "but it's for my sick child who has terminal cancer!"  No rushes will be placed on orders, no matter how much extra money is offered.  It is completely unfair to those who ordered earlier.  I love children; I have two of my own.  But I still cannot knock an order three days before an event and have it arrive in time.

Also, please, do not tell me that being denied will set off your suicidal tendencies.  It's just going to make me call the social services in your area to get you much needed help.

I'm looking forward to getting as much work done this Halloween season and seeing people in their costumes!  Let's all have a happy, healthy Halloween this year, eh?


Byt the who, anyone think it's too early to start a campaign to get the Sailor Moon artbooks translated and released?  ;)

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