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Death and Illness

Posted by southernmooncreations on February 17, 2012 at 5:05 PM

Thank you to all who beared with me through the month of January.  There was a passing in my family and the condolences were appreciated.

We've finally hit with our seasonal allergies in the area and my oldest son is getting it the worst.  He spent one week ill, was better for three day and then has been sick again all this week.  I am managing to get some work done on orders but it's hard to get to a post office when you can't take an infectcious child out into the public.  Thank you to all who have been patient.  Your orders are coming very soon.

This year I think we're going to take three months off, a month at a time, and throughout the year.  Closing down for October really helped me be able to concentrate on getting through all the orders and even gave me time to *gasp* play with my children.  ;)  All joking aside, one of the biggest detractors of time spent working on orders is dealing with correspondence.  During heavy order season it can really slow down production to tell people that I cannot make a large order for them and have it shipped and received within a week.  Right now I'm looking at a month to get a person's order shipped due to what has become the standard order load (which is a lot).  Sometimes I can get things out much sooner but if one in my family gets sick then noty much can get done untilt hey are better.

So thank you, again, to everyne who has been so very understanding!  :) 


Tentatively, the months I'm looking at to be closed during is April, June and October.  As usual I highly advise ordering as early as you can.

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