Souris Valley Bowmen


  Welcome to Souris Valley Bowmen

 The Souris Valley Bowmen archery club maintains a 45-acre outdoor range from May 1st until November, located 3 miles west of Minot, 1/2 mile southwest of the Trestle Valley railroad trestle.

The outdoor facility includes a 12-target practice range with ranges from ten to forty yards and a clubhouse with a picnic canopy. There are two target courses, located in  a scenic forested creek bottom and ash forested coulees. The first course is the lower range; it is a 28-target NFAA certified field course that winds along the creek  bottom. The second course is an elevated course, which winds through the forested side hills and coulees. This is a 28-target, 3-D course and is excellent for both practice and exercise.





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