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         "In  The Eye's Of A Grieving Daughter"

     Exploring the tragedy and the joy that God brings in human lives, “In the Eyes of a Grieving Daughter,” follows a woman named Katie through the painful aftermath of her mother's death in an automobile accident. However, despite her grief, Katie's faith in God grows, as she trusts her mother is safe in Heaven.

When a police officer comes to Katie's door to inform her that her parents have been in a serious accident, Katie's life changes forever. Rushing to the hospital, she discovers that her mother is dead and her father is seriously injured. While trying to be supportive of her father, Kate must deal with staggering grief of her mother, they had been very close. As she plans the funeral, Katie expects her family to be there for her; however, a cousin becomes uncharacteristically overbearing. Through it all, Katie manages to write a farewell note to her mother, which she pins to the coffin.

As the months pass, Katie's father grows more and more ill.  The cousin declares she must be in charge of paying his bills and providing for him; she also is insistent on being power of attorney.  Katie struggles to resist, due to troubling dreams she has about her mother, yet the cousin prevails. When Katie's father finally dies, however; Katie takes control of the estate and hires a lawyer to see it through. While the story ends without a closure, Katie insists that she doesn't need closure to be at peace: the knowledge that her parents are angels in heaven is enough for her.

The story takes you from the moment the accident happens to the year of the anniversary date of their death. You'll follow along through everything that Katie had to endure, from losing her mother in the accident to losing her father a few months later—realizing how Katie dealt with more then her share of pain. Her triumph over pain and heartache forces the reader to ask, “how does anyone survive after it all?”



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    " In The Eyes Of A Grieving Daughter."  ISBN#  1-4241-1245-1

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