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Hello and welcome to my very own SONIC site,

I am just a normal teen who spends most of his days either on the computer or in my case making comics also, all my comics for now are about the blue hedgehog well known as Sonic The Hedgehog, me (AKA : Galea), and Sonic's pals (not forgetting my pal Dansrage). On this site I shall also put on some info about the blue speedy genius and info about his new games coming out on the new consoles, so I hope you like the site and comments on my comics are greatly appreciated. You may also visit my friends site at



I am recovering from the flue but that doesn't stop me uploading comics. If you notice that I am not uploading any after today don't worry, it's because I just got the new DragonBall Z game and my head is stuck to the TV now, and I also have my Mocks next week so I have to study. But hopfully I will be able to catch up after. Anyway, I have installed a ShoutBox for comments on my comics or for talking below, I hope it will be used. Anyway got to get back to DBZ. Happy reading.


Comments are appreciated but talking is fun













 I hope this will go up soon

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