Seeing Is Believing . . .

Praying To Phra Ngan . . .




Praying To Phra Ngan:



There are lots of misconceptions about praying to Phra Ngan with dirty blood, sanitary pads.. Inserting into women's body.. Bla bla bla.. But those who really did it are definitely not in their right mind of state.

We believe and we are taught by our Teacher that Phra Ngan used to be a Buddha. Being a Buddha, there are lots of restrictions. Especially when it comes to Karma, nobody can avoid. But Phra Ngan are willing to bring down his status to a Deity to help those who really need help regardless of what they did in their previous lives.

Alot of people or merchants taught people praying thru the unorthordox ways to achieved what they want in lives.. Who will reside in a "Stained Shell"? Not to mention Buddha or Deity.

We teach our customers to believe what they see and what they experienced. They are taught to pray in correct ways and helping themselves in their daily lives thru basic bonding..

Alot of people thought that they can get Free Lunch thru praying to Buddha and Deities that "Money will drop from the sky.." Please bear in mind, Buddha and Deities will only help those who helped themselves.


For bonding:

i) Pray with "Faith".
ii) Chant with "Heart".

Phra Ngan Basic Katha: (Pls note that this is not only a Basic Katha but also building up our foundations, so that we can advance in future.)


1) Chant once a day at midnight sharp. Its to chant for the following day, for protection or wish making.

2) Kneeling position and put Phra Ngan in between your palm. If chant wrongly, start all over again. If you didn't follow correctly, then it won't work. Must chant everyday without fail.

3) Always make an effort to bring Phra Ngan out whenever you go. Place in a small pouch and only put him in your pocket below your waist (Due to his Deity level). So that we can be obvious to his hints and warnings in the day.

4) Make an effort to talk to him about the events of the day everytime after chanting. Let him know more about you and your family.

5) Then he will know what you need and how to help you.


1) Do not case up Phra Ngan as Phra Ngan works best and faster without casing.

2) Do not scold vulgarity or cursing others. Try not curse and swear at least. As the curses may come true.

3) Do not give blood or wrap with sanitary pad! Its disrespect to Phra Ngan.

4) Do not ask Phra Ngan to harm anyone. As retribution may come faster than you thought.

5) Do not insert Phra Ngan into woman's body.

Namo Tasa Pakawator Ahrahator Samma Samput Tasak. - (3 times)

Na Ba No Ho Ban Bai Ya,

Pit Bu Tam Mo Put Tang Na Mo Put Ta Ya,

Moma Mona Ma Ah Ut,

Put Tang Ka Ri Yo,

Tam Mum Ka Ri Yo,

Sung Kang Ka Ri Yo,

Om Phra Ngan ~,

Ma Nee Ma Mak.

(21 times )

To power up your statue (chant 108 times)









The Power of  "The Great Warlock Phra Ngan" .


Basic and Advance Phra Ngan Rituals :



* Casting of Basic and Advance Shield - Cast a Shield for Protection against Black Magic, Evil Spirits and



* Metta and Love Attraction - Attraction of Same Gender and Opposite Gender.


* Breaking up Spell - Helps to Break up Extramartial Affairs or remove Mild Love Spell.


* Love Spell  -1) Cast a Love Spell on Married Couples who are still destined to be together.

    (Only Upon approval from Phra Ngan) Those who go against the will of Phra Ngan or 

     Cast Love Spell for own pleasure will not have good endings. 


2) Making of Love Oil and Love Cream (Tempoary Love and Metta Spell Effect to improve Sales or Business).



* Wealth Spell - Cast a Wealth Spell on ourselves with no side effects to bring up our Luck 

 or help in Sales and Business.


* Soul Reaching Spell - Finding Missing persons or lost souls. (Upon approval from Phra Ngan)


* Healing Spell  - Heal Mild Illness (Heal non-terminal illness and Upon approval from Phra Ngan only.)