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Clara Comuzzi, Pierluigi Polese*, Andrea Melchior, Roberto Portanova, Marilena Tolazzi. Dipartimento di Scienze e Tecnologie Chimiche, UniversitÓ di Udine, Via Cotonificio 108, I-33100 Udine, Italy.

SolverStat is an Excel add-in (xla) for Microsoft Excel 97, 2000, XP, 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016 that performs advanced statistical tests on least squares regression data.

In Microsoft Excel, the built-in optimization package Solver yields minimized least squares regression parameters: the use of this utility in association with the worksheet functions makes Excel a flexible tool to solve linear and non linear regression problems. Nevertheless, Solver provides no estimates of the precision of the fitted parameters and an incomplete and unprompted analysis of fittings: the statistical analysis of the result is, on the other hand, a crucial step to evalutate the reliability of the models. SolverStat overcomes that limits.

SolverStat is released as Open Source under the Educational Community License version 2.0.
Citation: "SOLVERSTAT : a new utility for multipurpose analysis. An application to the investigation of dioxygenated Co(II) complex formation in dimethylsulfoxide solution."
C.Comuzzi, P.Polese, A.Melchior, R.Portanova, M.Tolazzi.
Talanta 59 (2003) 67-80    (PDF)

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1) Regression statistics for linear and non linear regression, non weighted or weighted least squares, a priori (absolute) or a posteriori weighting: 2) F or Chi2 Search for Asymmetric Confidence Intervals: 3) Beale MCMC Search for Asymmetric Confidence Intervals (Graphical)

4) Montecarlo simulations for Parameters Distribution: 5) Bootstrap of Observations or Weighted Residuals for Parameters Distribution:
6) Uncertainty Propagation via IRWLS
7) Leave one out Cross Validation
8) Monte Carlo Cross Validation
9) Analysis of Power and Significance for  the comparison of two models
10) Monte Carlo Simulation of Observations Diagnostic
11) Outliers search via Robust Regression (IRLS, LTS, LMS)
12) Logistic Regression
13) Poisson Regression
14) Principal Component Analysis based on Covariance or Correlation Matrix
15) Box-Muller Normal Random Generator for regression simulation
16) Built-in routine for linear regression
17) Descriptive Statistic for one or more series of data:
18) Runs and Sign tests for one or more series of data
19) Monte Carlo search of global minimum of the sum of squares in nonlinear regressions
20) Correlation tests; Pearson,  Spearman, Kendall and Variance-Covariance Matrix
21) Lin's Concordance Test
22) Univariate outliers
23) Box-Muller Normal Random Generator
24) Correlated Random Generator
25) Resampling Tool
26) Histogram tools
28) Conway-Maxwell-Poisson Regression.
29) Monte Carlo Worksheet Recording (mcmon).

Important Note
It works only as Excel add-in. It was written with the italian version of Excel 97. You should not encounter any problem, but it has not been tested other localized version of Excel.
To use SOLVERSTAT, Solver package must be installed in your system. See the Tools Menu in Excel: if Solver is not installed, open the Tools/Add-ins menu; if Solver is missing, run the Office Setup.exe program with the Add/Remove option, and install the Solver add-in. Read also the Microsoft documentations.
Excel XP, 2002, 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016 Users: read the installation notes.

We will appreciate every suggestions and bug reports.

Many thanks for suggestions, comments and bugs report to: Henk-Jan van Well, Michael Reidy, Leigh Ward, Marcello Merli, Peter Sands, Alexander Puziy, Tom Maes, Marcel Neitsch, John C. Pezzullo, Robert De Levie, Richard Kennedy, Matej Klanjscek, Ali Faraj Tabar, Michel Meyer, Kristian Murfitt, Jon Short, Karl-Heinz Wolf, Carlos Mario Rivera, Pieter Bloembergen, John DeLuca, Raf Schepers, Brian Coblitz, Marco Baptista, Avi Benita, and excuse me if I forgot someone...

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Solverstat 2019 R0 (4.0) August 19, 2019 Release
Download  SolverStat  compressed as Zip from and open with winzip, 7-Zip or similar.

August 20, 2019 Release
Download  Examples compressed as Zip from and open with winzip, 7-Zip or similar.

Manual (PROOF) version 0.1b September 10, 2010 Release
 The Manual  (pdf) from
 The Manual  (pdf)  from

Installation Notes August 19, 2019


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