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To use SOLVERSTAT, the Excel Solver package must be installed in your system. See the Tools Menu in Excel: if Solver is not installed, open the Tools/Add-ins menu; if Solver is missing, run the Office Setup program with the Add/Remove option, and install the Solver add-in. Read also the Microsoft documentations.

Excel 97, 2000 Users:
On the Tools menu, click Macro
Click Security
Under the Tab "Security Level", select "Medium"
During the first run, SolverStat ask you to save it.

Excel XP, 2002, 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016 Users:
On the Tools menu, click Options
Click the Security tab
Under Macro Security, click Macro Security
Click the Security Level tab
Select "Medium Security Level"
Only for the first run of SolverStat:
Under Macro Security, click Trusted Sources
Select "Trust all installed add-ins and templates"
Select "Trust Access to Visual Basic Project"

Opening SolverStat you must "enable content" when prompted.

Ensure that solverstat file are unblocked (this issue my be present in most recent Excel and Windows versions; if that is the case, just follow the next steps to unblock the file:
right click on the add-in file and click Properties If a warning appears, click the Unblock box, to add a check mark: "This file came from another computer and might be blocked to help protect this computer". Click OK).

During the first run, SolverStat may ask you to save it.

Note that SolverStat is developed using the decimal point as the Decimal Symbol in Regional settings. The use of decimal comma is not full tested and must require attention.

We will appreciate every suggestions and bug reports.

Contact Information
Pierluigi Polese
Polytechnic Department of Engineering and Architecture
University of Udine
Via Del Cotonificio, 108
I-33100 Udine (ITALY)
phone +39 0432558882
fax ..... +39 0432558803
email ....pierluidi dot polese at uniud dot it

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