Hailing from the Dirty 130's on the south side of Chicago, we introduce to you one of Chicago's up and coming entertainers, DEE MO.

DEE MO was born and raised up on the south side of Chicago, Illinois. While growing up, he enjoyed playing baseball and basketball, but at the tender age of 10, he found his passion for entertainment.
He was influenced by some of raps biggest and brightest such as 2Pac, Biggie, Nelly, Ludacris, and Jay Z. DEE MO's style and writing brings music and experiences that everyday people can relate to. As a youth and a teenager, he has won many talent competitions, he won First place in the Austin Town Hall Showcase. Undeterred by the competition, DEE MO’s performances on one of Chicago's number one talent promotion show's, The Royce Glamour Show, was by far a performance that lite up the place.

Honing his craft at various open mics and talent shows around the city, DEE MO has gained a huge fanbase. DEE MO has performed at The Regal Theater, Redemption Theater; at the ATL. vs. CHI-TOWN battle competition, Blue Star Lounge and etc. DEE MO attack's the track with high energy on club records and comes off laid back and cool for the ladies while being serious at the same time with real life problems. DEE MO knows what paying your dues is all about. DEE MO was once asked," How do you see yourself in the music industry?" DEE MO answered, "Just being me and staying in my lane. I'm trying to overcome the impossible when people told me it was a waste of time, and at the same time". DEE MO is ready to show the entire world what he has to offer to the world of music. I must say DEE MO is one artist not to be taken lightly.

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