Cooperation.... or death, your choice...

Cats of Solarclan

The proud, brave Cats of the clan we call Solarclan 



Leader: Solarstar - Bright Orange Tabby with dark amber eyes

Deputy: Jademist - Patchy Tortoiseshell She~cat with icy blue eyes


Bluefur - A Blue she~cat with silver stripes on her, with a gray muzzle 

Rainsky - Silver she~cat with vivid blue eyes 

Cedarclaw - ginger tom with firey red stripes and a medium haired coat with a bushy tail. He has crystal forest green eyes that seem to flame from within whenever he becomes mad.

Spottedfern - Gray, white, and ginger tortoiseshell she~cat with amber eyes

Medicine Cat 

Icemist - A small white tom with blue eyes. He was apprentice to shardfur, who was exiled for poisoning the prior clan leader. when his mentor left, Icemist became medicine cat.


 Medicine Cat Apprentice



Iceriver - Black She~ cat with silver and white stripes, light amber eyes 



Fleetpaw - A cinnamon colored she~cat tabby with green eyes and white chest and belly and white paws. Descendant of Leafpool.

Soulpaw - Light gray she~cat with black ears and tail with a white underbelly 




Redtail - A dark red tom with blue eyes and a tail of a fox