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     Your support    helps to benefit   the vulnerable children of Uganda

St. Mary's Orphans Educational Trust

The St. Mary's Orphans Educational Trust [SOET] is a Community based organization working with orphaned and destitute children in Uganda. We support marginalized and destitute children in vulnerable communities by providing food, clothing and educational resources. Our programme extends to various building projects, including building school classrooms and whole facilities, such as special needs schools and children's homes.ic.

 Our goal is to create a better future for these vulnerable orphans  by empowering them through education and providing valuable community services.

After identifying the needs of orphaned children and widows within the community, SOET  decided to start on the program of sponsoring the orphans

You are therefore, requested to go through our literature where you will find  pages explaining our status. How you can contact us, the list of our services provided, followed by the projects  to be covered.  Next, is the contribution page and there after the FAQ page, which elaborates on the most frequently asked questions and the answers .

How can you help?

You can make a difference by sponsoring a child and offering your support in various ways. Through our sponsorship programme you can help to give a child a better future. The need is immense and for just 45 Dollars per month you can provide for the needs of a child in education including feeding, medical care and other basic needs like clothing, etc


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Thank you for visiting the SOET Website and more especially if this is your first time. We appreciate your time and interest and in case of any extra information that might not have appeared on the website, you are encouraged to contact us

 St.mary's Orphans Educationl Trust
P.O.Box 1831 Jinja, Uganda.
Kamuli Road, Jinja.
+256 712038574
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