The Society of School Librarians

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Society of School Librarians International

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Please mail SSLI material to

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Type of Membership:

First time member (professional member joining for first time,

first year only) $25.00

Regular Member Renewal (any full-time, employed professional) $ 45.00

Retired or student member $25.00

Corporate Member (representative from Vendor Community) $ 75.00

As a friend of SSLI, I wish to donate $ ___

Life Membership________________________________$400.00_____

I am interested in an appointment to the following committee(s):

____Membership_____Annual Conference

_____Book Awards______Publicity

Please make check payable to "SSLI" and send to:

Jeanne Schwartz, Executive Director

(843) 577-5351


19 Savage Street

Charleston, South Carolina 29401