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Information page for: Mitchell Arms M16A1/22 CAR-15/22, Adler - Armi Jäger AP-74, Kassnar AP-15.

A little overview...

    With my nephews and niece growing up so fast, they are at about that age where we (their Parents and I) feel that we can take them out to their first shooting range trip sometime Spring 2009.

    I've dusted off my .22LR rifles (I really don't shoot them much) from the safes and had begun prepping and accessorizing the .22LR rifles for this upcoming special range day, that they will never forget.

    When I was breaking down the Jäger AP-74 for detailed inspection and cleaning, I began to wonder how much information on the Internet there was on this unique .22LR rifle. I thought it might be a good idea to order up some spare parts, now that the .22LR rifles will probably begin to get a work out.

    I was quite surprised at how little information there was on many of the Mitchell Arms imported .22LR semi-auto military looking clones. I did several extensive searches on various Internet search engines and looked thoroughly at all the links they spat out. I scoured numerous forums & web sites for info on: spare parts, magazines, and manuals.

 I eventually found what I was looking for, but I had to go to many sources and it did take up a bit of time. So, I thought it would be nice to throw together an info page about the Jäger AP-74.

If you have any other info you would like to share about these rifles, please feel free to contact me. I'd also like to put up pages on the other popular Mitchell Arms/ Jäger .22LR rifles: AP-80 AK-47, AP-84 Galil, AP-85 FAMAS).

    If anyone knows of a source for OEM or reproduction parts for the Jäger AP-74, please contact me and I'll post the sources for these parts.





Original Jäger AP-74 15 round magazine

    I remember reading a thread on a forum a few years back about Jäger AP-74 magazines being based on a Italian .22LR semi-auto pistols.

    I looked at many different brands of .22LR pistols and their corresponding magazines, to see if any of their magazines were of a similar construction to that of the AP-74. I'm nearly positive that I've found a 10 round magazine that will work in the AP-74 with some minor modifications to work with the Jäger Ap-74 mag catch. I'm going to order a magazine to see if I can get these 10 round pistol magazines to work in the Jäger AP-74.

    The good news, is that this mystery .22LR pistol is still in production by one of the largest and well respected firearms manufacturing companies in the world. This pistol series/model is of an older design, but it's still on production. The manufacturer still make OEM magazines for this particular pistol model, so they are of the highest quality & reputation. The price of these magazines are very reasonable, at about ~$40 retail.

    When I get the magazines in, modified, and tested at the range. I'll let out the secret, if they work. I'll also have pictures of the required steps to modify the magazines, so you can make the mods yourself.


Spare Parts

    Unfortunately, it looks like OEM spare parts for the Jäger AP-74 are very hard to come by. The parts that seem to wear out/ break the most, are the: extractor, firing pin, and the ejector.

     I've been told that there was two different styles of firing pin. All I've been able to find are the older style firing pin. My Jäger AP-74 uses the newer style.

    The parts aren't all that complicated. So an experienced machinist or gunsmith, should be able to reproduce the parts, It just may cost you a good chunk of change to have one or few parts made.


Extractors: The extractor is located on the bolt, it grabs the rim of the cartridge to extract it from the chamber/barrel. They are made from stamped sheet metal (steel).

When the extractor wears out, your rifle will begin to experience some reliability issues. Like 'failure to extract' (FTE), double feeding, and maybe 'failure to feed' (FTF) issues.

Looks like there is at least two types of extractors that I've found thus far.

Older style extractor with tail. From an AP-74 in the serial # 100,5XX range. You can also see that the bolt shape is different than the one below. It doesn't have a waist (taper) like the one below.

Older style Extractor Older style extractor

Newer style extractor with tail. From an AP-74 in the serial # 113,8XX range.

Jäger AP-74 extractor

I'm making NO promises, but I'm going to look into what it would cost to have a small batch of extractors laser cut form sheet metal (steel or stainless steel?). It's a long and very slow process, so I won't have any info/updates until summer 2009. I'll have to see if it's going to be cost effective.

I have to get someone to draw up the extractor in CAD, get quotes from a couple machine shops, do a small sample run to test out at the range, make any changes to the design, then do a larger batch, heat treating the extractors, and then finally offer them up for sale.

Firing pins: after tens of thousands of rounds, you may experience light primer strikes. Where the hammer may strike the firing pin and go 'click' and not go 'BANG'. The firing pin's overall length may wear out with use and get shorter to the point where it will not strike the rimfire primer hard enough to ignite the gun powder.

You should NEVER DRY FIRE the Jäger AP-74. It will shorten the firing pin's life.

Jäger AP-74 firing pin (newer style) Jäger AP-74 firing pin (OLD style)

« NEW style firing pin vs. OLD style firing pin »

Making a new firing pin should be easy for someone with basic lathe skills. If you have access to or knows someone that has a lathe. Turning down some metal (some have used a bolt from a hardware store that is large enough) to the basic shape of the original firing pin. It shouldn't be all that hard.

Ejector: The ejector is spring loaded and pinned to the block on the lower receiver, just behind the magazine. When the bolt recoils back the ejector is struck by the case base, causing the case to pivot and fly out the ejection port.

The ejector is also made/formed from stamped sheet metal (steel). They may get bent out of shape or worn to the point that it affects the ejection of the cases out of the ejection port.

Ejector behind magazine

I haven't read about too many owners having problems with their ejectors, but I've seen a few looking for spares to replace the broker ejector.

Be careful of over inserting the magazine. You can easily bend/ damage the ejector or the magazine feed lips.

Magazines: Everyone is looking for spare/ extra OEM Jäger magazines. When they do find an original 15 round magazines, they don't come cheaply. There are a few aftermarket magazines out there. But, some of them don't look as well built as the originals.

    Worn magazines will have an affect on the rifles reliability. Worn out or out of spec feed lips (geometry) will cause feeding problems. Failure to feed and double feed issues may be caused by a worn magazine. You may be able to bend/re-shape the feed lips back into shape, if they aren't too worn out.

    With the info I posted above about a possible source of quality 10 round magazines. I think we may have another magazine option for our AP-74.



  AP-74 Owner's Manual 3.4 MB (PDF) - [right-click to save onto your hard drive]

For the original SP1 model with: triangle handguards & 3-prong flash hider. The English translation in the multi-language Owner's Manual is poorly written. lol I found this jem on (tons of manuals listed on his web site). It took me months to track this down, without having to pay for it.

Here is a backup link to the manual, if my link doesn't work. [Jäger AP-74 manual PDF]

Mitchell Arms M-16A/22 & CAR-15/22 Owner's Manual 6 MB (PDF) - [right-click to save onto your hard drive]

For the later Jäger AP-74 models with: round handguards and birdcage flashhider. A big thanks goes to jaydee54 for scanning his manual for me. It took me a long time to track down someone with an original manual. I emailed and joined a bunch of forums, so that I could PM folks with a Jäger AP-74.


Exploded parts diagram Kassnar AP-15/ Jäger AP-74

Mitchell Arms 1992 .22 LR Military Rifles catalog - scanned by jaydee54

Small Arms Illustrated - Italy Jäger .22 LR rifles (Italy - Adler-Jäger) - AP-74 & Commando, AP-80, AP-84, AP-85


Mitchell Arms AK-22/ AP80 Owner's Manual 2 MB (PDF) - [right-click to save onto your hard drive]

Jäger AP-80 / Mitchell Arms AK-22 Owner's manual for the AK-47 .22LR military rifle clone. A big thanks goes to jaydee54 for scanning his manual for me.





bullet - "Rockin' Rimfires" tons of info on .22LR Military clone plinkers.


Neil Wright's Shooting Sports pages - His review of his Armi Jäger AP-74.

bullet - seems to have quite a few members familiar with the Jäger AP-74. Do a SEARCH to find the threads.


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