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I was twelve years old when my father gave me my first snowmobile. He had upgraded to a newer faster machine back in 1972. Rebuilding the 1962 Polaris Sno-Traveler was a labor of love, I couldn't wait for snow in the winter of 72-73. That first winter was a snowy one for us in the north east, and I rode the old sled from sunrise well into dark most days.

Over the years I had newer and faster sleds but was never really happy on them. I always found myself reverting back to the Sno-Traveler. I have purchased three more over many years and use them all. I no longer own any machines newer than 1965. They never really could go in deep snow like The Sno-Traveler did and you always have to be on your toes on the fast ones.

My life passion has been to keep these antique snowmobiles running and in full service. I have done this now for thirty six years and my children now ride the Sno-Traveler that my father gave me.


I look  forward to passing My 1962 model L-55 Sno-Traveler on to the third generation in hopes that they will do the same.



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